Slow USB Hubs and Other Last Mile Issues

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Bumps in the Last Mile IT Road

Between the end user and the first connection to the network, productivity can be sapped by problems that seem too small for a help desk call. Many of these problems are associated with aging desktop and network infrastructure.

For example slow, version 1.1 USB hubs may be hidden productivity robbers lurking in your organization. Upgrade your USB hubs, and your work force will see the difference. Upgrade costs can be reduced by making this part of an employee self-install project, since most workers know what a USB port is and how to use it.

Your road warriors will be in the battle longer and fight more effectively if you equip them with new laptop batteries on a regular basis. Don't wait for employees to notice that they can only work for an hour on a charge.

Also on the end-user front, the practice in too many organizations of allowing users to run with administrator rights by default is irresponsible and will incur unneeded support costs and user downtime. Even senior executives-especially senior executives, considering their access to critical financial and customer information-should be guided away from running as admin on their systems.

IT organizations are faced with an era when targeted phishing attacks aimed at specific groups of employees are becoming the norm and new technologies including IPv6 are making their way into global organizations. Taking care of hidden problems in the last "100 feet" between the physical network and the end user can spell the difference between a productive work force and one that is too mired in "cruft" to take advantage of opportunities. --CS


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