100 Most Influential People in IT

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1. Larry Ellison

CEO, Oracle

Ellison's plan to roll up the enterprise applications' space has shown no sign of slowing. Oracle has leveraged its strength in the data center to cement its status as one of the world's most important applications and middleware vendors. For more on Ellison's influence, click here.

2. Steve Jobs
CEO, Apple
Apple's influence is being increasingly felt in the enterprise.

3. Steve Ballmer
CEO, Microsoft
Microsoft has certainly had some challenges of late. Now, the company moves forward-with Ballmer at the helm.

4. Sam Palmisano
Chairman and CEO, IBM
Palmisano has positioned IBM to generate great returns in a mature market-by expanding internationally and finding opportunities in the enterprise applications' space.

5. Marissa Mayer
Vice president, search products and user experience, Google
Mayer oversees the way Google's search engine is constructed and how usable it is to people all over the world.

6. Jean-Philippe Courtois
President, Microsoft International, Microsoft
Courtois leads global sales, marketing and services for Microsoft International in more than 240 countries outside the
United States and Canada.

7. Joe Tucci
Chairman, president and CEO, EMC
Tucci is taking EMC on a trip beyond storage.

8. Mark Hurd
Chairman, president and CEO, Hewlett-Packard
Hurd has beefed up HP's software division and its services portfolio.

9. John Chambers
Chairman and CEO, Cisco Systems
IP is increasingly becoming the channel by which all communication travels, and Cisco is providing not only the plumbing, but also the applications.

10. Larry Page & Sergey Brin
President of products and president of technology, respectively, Google

The founders of Google changed expectations for search engines, and now they're doing the same with a growing suite of applications that have paved the way for a top-down model of technology implementation.

11. John Johnson
CIO, Intel

Johnson undertook one of the world's largest mobile computing efforts: Some 85 percent of Intel employees are now free from their desktops, resulting in
double-digit productivity gains.

12. Kevin Turner
COO, Microsoft

The former Wal-Mart exec has succeeded as COO-while other outsiders have floundered in the role.

13. Ray Ozzie
Chief software architect, Microsoft

Outside Microsoft, Ozzie is known as the person responsible for the company's forward-thinking services' strategy. Within some quarters of Microsoft, he is known for building out the services' vision and platform, while letting other executives take credit.

14. Marc Benioff
CEO, Salesforce.com

Benioff was at the forefront of the SAAS (software as a service) revolution, and he continues to lead the charge.

15. Linus Torvalds
Developer, Linux Foundation

He developed Linux, which is arguably the first open-source app widely used in the enterprise, and his influence on the kernel continues to be felt on a day-to-day basis.

16. Jonathan Schwartz
President and CEO, Sun
Hitching his company's horse to open source, Schwartz is making sure the Sun doesn't set.

17. Jeff Bezos
Chairman and CEO, Amazon.com

Bezos is constantly evolving Amazon.com, from Web-based bookseller to uber-online retailer to cloud computing provider.

18. Michael Dell
CEO, Dell

Dell is back and ready to rumble in the enterprise space.

19. Barbara Desoer
CTO & COO, Bank of
Banks, mortgages and acquisitions all come together in her tech operations during a difficult economic time.

20. Diane Greene
President and CEO, VMware

Greene believed in virtualization when no one else did. Now she has to defend VMware's turf as virtualization becomes common wisdom.

21. Nandan Nilekani
Co-chairman, Infosys Technologies

Nilekani has been instrumental in making
India an IT force and is still coming on strong.

22. Mendel Rosenblum
Chief scientist, VMware

Rosenblum has enormous influence over the development of the hypervisor and is working on new areas for the company to explore.

23. Rob Carter
CIO, FedEx

Carter is widely considered the most innovative and effective CIO in the
United States.

24. Peter Weill
Director, Center for Information Systems Research

As the director and senior research scientist at CISR, a research group at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Weill conducts research on the role and value of IT in the enterprise.

25. Henning Kagermann

SAP software is used at all the big companies, and Kagermann would like it to run at small and midsize companies, too. It was recently announced that Kagermann will share the post of CEO with Leo Apotheker. Kagermann plans to step down in 2009.


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