Rushing Projects

By Deborah Rothberg  |  Posted 2006-09-21 Print this article Print

2. Rushing projects along, sometimes unnecessarily Right after Fix this. Its broken, the next most commonly heard by business to IT teams is We need this ASAP.
"The most obvious communication breakdown is instilling a sense of urgency where there may not be one. Everything is urgent, if were not completing it today, the world may blow up tomorrow. At the end of the day, we learn many of these things could have waited. Its kind of like the blinders leading the blinders," Brûlé said.
Furthermore, IT often hears "ASAP" from innumerable sources. "Business units often have this idea that theyre the only people in the entire world that IT is working with, when IT is also supporting enterprise-wide problems," said Brûlé. "If we need it in a month, asking IT to have it in 15 days is a good way to end up disappointed with the results." Business jobs are aligned around numbers and deadlines, but for IT units, this is only secondary to the juggling they need to do on a daily basis. "At any given time, our IT group of four to five people has 80 odd things in the queue. Theyre dealing with the internal network, cell phones, telcos plus maintaining the entire network while trying to get the spyware off the machine in the next department as well as making sure the Oracle server stays up. A project in IT is never finished; it needs upgrading and b-licensing. Its never a you finish it, you walk away thing," said Bates. Next Page: Not knowing what they dont know.


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