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: Thread Management Tools">
One area where Beehive truly shines is in its administration features. If youve ever managed a message board, particularly a high traffic one, then you know that a community manager lives or dies by the tools that he has to manage the forum. If the tools are poor or limited, then managing a very busy forum can be nearly impossible. Managing threads is easy in Beehive. Just click the "Thread Options" link at the bottom of the message frame and you can easily change the title of the thread, lock the thread to stop new posts, or lock the title and folder the thread is in, or you can move it to a new section, make the thread sticky, or even delete posts by a particular user in that thread. This last option is new and, frankly, its a god-send for all community managers! This means that if somebody acts up in a thread you can prune all of their messages out of that thread with just a single click. This is much better than just having a single option to nuke all of the users posts in the entire forum. Its the difference between using a laser-guided bomb in a pinpoint strike and a full-blown nuclear missile. In most cases, the laser guided bomb is a much better bet to avoid collateral damage than using a nuke.
If an admin allows it, users can also move or rename their own threads. This has the potential to be another huge help to admins. If a user screws up and puts their thread in the wrong section, they can click the "Thread Options" link to move it to the proper section. This saves the admin from having to do it later. Users can also be given the ability to rename their threads. Admins do have the option of turning off this option if they want but we would almost certainly keep it on. Continued...
Title: Thread Management Tools
File: threadmanagement.tiff
Caption: Beehives excellent thread management tools lets you control a threads title, place in the forum, make it sticky or remove all posts by a particular user in that thread. -->

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Jim likes interacting with the folks in the forum and the content. 'I Love both of 'em,' says Lynch. 'It's what makes the job fun and interesting.'

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