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Add/Remove Applications Burps Since we opted to install everything, there wasnt much to do in terms of adding software after the installation. However, having heard about some problems with adding and removing software in Fedora, we wanted to check it out. We decided to remove Abiword and then add it back again. The removal went fine, but we couldnt reinstall it again afterward. The Add/Remove program tool kept crashing each time we tried. So instead of using the flawed Add/Remove tool, we opted to install it via Apt. So we installed Apt and then fired up a terminal window. From there we typed "apt-get install abiword" and voila, Abiword was back on our system.
Were not sure what the deal is with the Add/Remove Applications tool in Fedora. But its probably worthwhile to skip using it in this version and simply get Apt. Learning the basics of how to use Apt doesnt take much time, and itll probably save you a lot of RPM headaches. If you want a nice GUI-based application tool, try using Synaptic after youve installed Apt.
Where Is Galeon? One thing that we found especially annoying about Fedora is that the browser Galeon isnt bundled with it. Instead, Epiphany is included. Frankly, we think Epiphany stinks. We dont even like the name of the stupid thing, to say nothing of how bad it lags behind Galeon in features. Were sure that Epiphany will eventually catch up to Galeon, but why settle for an inferior browsing experience when you can have Galeon instead? Fedora developers, please make sure that Galeon is bundled in the next release. And please consider giving "Ephiphany" a new name. Maybe we can have a contest in the eWEEK forums to pick out a new name for it. Still No VPN Wizard We found it annoying and bordering on bizarre that there is still no VPN wizard for Fedora. Since its based on Red Hat (heck, it is Red Hat), its way past time for an easy way to connect to corporate VPN networks. This isnt rocket science. Windows has had it for ages, and it ought to be in every Linux distribution by default. As many people use their desktops at home to telecommute, the ability to connect via VPN quicky and easily is a basic feature essential for any OS. Page Four: No Luck With MP3s or DVDs

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