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Social Security Number Blunders
The casual use of the Social Security number as an ID is permitted by law but should be resisted by customers of any private enterprise, as it paves the way for identity theft. Viruses and Worms
As Comic Book Guy from "The Simpsons" would say, "Worst. Year. Ever." Viruses and worms spread like never before in 2003—and not through clever new tricks but simply by taking advantage of unpatched systems and users failure to learn from past mistakes. Server Dependency
Microsofts newest products are more feature-filled than ever, but fully exploiting these features often requires an upgrade to Microsofts latest and greatest everything.
General Patent Insanity
First SCO Group decides to tussle with IBM over the companys "misuse" of Unix and ends up going after the GPL (General Public License). Then Eolas took on Microsoft, claiming Internet Explorer infringed on a patent that describes how a Web browser can use external applications.
Diebold Debacle
Software quality and source code security became mainstream topics when Diebold fell short in delivering reliable e-voting.


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