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Meanwhile, Papadopoulos said the innovation that will occur below the virtualization layer in his New Stack will be in the areas of computing physics, workload-driven performance, storage hierarchy, fault management, security encryption and high-performance networking, among other areas. "Theres a tremendous opportunity to innovate below that line," Papadopoulos said. "Our $2 billion of R&D is focused on that bottom level. Its also a view—which is what were doing with our SeeBeyond acquisition—of how to compose these service networks."
Click here to read more about Suns plans to bring SeeBeyonds ICAN into the Sun Java Enterprise System suite.
Moreover, Papadopoulos said open source is fundamentally about freedom for developers. "The licenses have no intended effect for the end user, but they do create more choice in the marketplace," he said. Papadopoulos said he is a big fan of open-source software. "I was at MIT when Richard Stallman was literally living in the ceiling of the IT center," he said, referring to the leader of the free and open software movement. Meanwhile, although Papadopoulos acknowledged that open-source development is a disruption in the way software is built, "Open source isnt faster, its more transparent." However, Papadopoulos said he believes the rate of innovation in the area of providing software as services will be faster than that of developers providing software as bits. "The rate of innovation in doing software as a service is way faster than the old model," he said. "The difference is the innovation rate of dealing with software as a service is radically shorter—the difference is the developers are participating in the operating of the service as well" as contributing to developing them. That way the developers can roll out new functionality to a pilot group and pull back if there is a problem, he said. "The software-as-a-service cycle is going to bury the old one," Papadopoulos said. "The innovation and the user experience are going to be better." Sun will deliver the infrastructure to better enable that, he said. Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest open-source news, reviews and analysis.

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