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By Steven Vaughan-Nichols  |  Posted 2005-03-15 Print this article Print

Now, interestingly enough, with LitePC Technologies 98lite Professional v4.7, you can rip Internet Explorer out from Windows 98, 98SE and ME. Ive used it since it first appeared as a student project, and I highly recommend it for people who want to run Windows their way, rather than Microsofts.

The companys XPLite and 2000Lite, however, while giving you incredible control over what your Windows system actually runs, cant tear all of IE out from Windows.
Darn it.

Microsoft made a big point of saying that the Web browser was part of the operating system a few years back, and now were having to live with the problems that come from integrating a program that talks to the entire networked universe with a fundamentally insecure infrastructure.

Lucky us.

Its been more than three years now since Bill Gates proclaimed that "Trustworthy Computing is more important than any other part of our work."

Yeah. Right.

No, Firefox isnt perfectly secure. No, Linux isnt perfectly secure. Nothing is sure but death, taxes and Windows crashes.

Yes, Windows with open-source programs like Firefox and Thunderbird is still more secure than Windows with Microsoft programs. But, if you want a PC you can run without wondering every day what new security problem arrived during the night, youre better off with Firefox and Linux or Camino and Mac OS X.

Windows. Just say no. Senior Editor Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols has been working and writing about technology and business since the late 80s and thinks he may just have learned something about them along the way.

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Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols is editor at large for Ziff Davis Enterprise. Prior to becoming a technology journalist, Vaughan-Nichols worked at NASA and the Department of Defense on numerous major technological projects. Since then, he's focused on covering the technology and business issues that make a real difference to the people in the industry.

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