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/Workplace Confusion"> You mentioned confusion out there in the market around Notes/Domino and Workplace. Yes, I think there were a lot of misconceptions out there early that Workplace was a replacement for Notes/Domino. Thats not quite true. I think as you look at Workplace as an integration platform for connecting people to business processes, one of those existing things that has to be integrated is Notes/Domino. As you look at new offerings, like the "Hannover" client for Notes, its actually a merger of technology from the two sides into a unified client that will be a natural next step for Notes customers but will also start to provide some of the Workplace value proposition into that space. I think that was widely misunderstood, and I think some of that was on us from an articulation viewpoint. Some of it I think was when you start to line up large installed bases, new technologies, and there are open standards wars between J2EE and .Net, and with all of these different things going on its somewhat confusing to understand what all these different announcements mean.
One of the best validations weve had over the last 12 months is seeing analysts all start to write about this convergence, not what were doing, but about this inflection point Im talking about. Some of them are calling it information workplaces, some are calling it smart enterprise suites, others are calling it enterprise application suites. There are a lot of names for it, but what they describe is very much the same, very much the same thing weve been trying to get people to understand thats what Workplace is all about.
I just saw that Surjit Chana [IBMs vice president of Workplace Client Technology Business] was quoted saying that a lot of Exchange customers are moving over to Notes. Yes, the key element here is about open platform support. One of things weve seen huge demand for is Linux servers. In our last quarter, we saw a huge percentage of our revenue come from the Linux base. We think Linux is a great platform for Domino, and in fact in 7 there are astronomical improvements in the server capability on Domino 7. Click here to read about the features in Exchange 12. We think were going to continue to see Linux growing, and so for companies making that switch to open platforms were the No. 1 answer because our competitor is choosing not to go there. So, how many are you seeing coming from Exchange? We feel pretty confident that in the first half of the year weve had 400 or 500 customers move from Exchange to Domino, and Im sure Microsoft has a list thats about as big. I think were on the margins trading percentage points back and forth. But when youve got installed bases as large as either one of us, youre going to see that kind of movement, for lots of different reasons. Next Page: E-mail security.


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