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Antepos OPN System XT offers many of the same features as Jabbers XCP enterprise IM application, including one-to-one and group-based IM. OPN System XT also includes components for managing IM within a corporate environment, including the ability to centrally archive chat content.

In tests, we could federate both America Online Inc.s AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) and a Microsoft Corp. LCS (Live Communications Server) on separate domains. OPN System XT also can federate with IBMs Lotus Sametime and with Jabber systems.

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OPN System XT supports encrypted TLS (Transport Layer Security) communications, a requirement for AIM and advisable in any federated environment. It also supports straight TCP communications, which is useful for creating internal federated networks that integrate with existing LCS or Lotus Sametime servers.

The OPN System XT client enabled us to manage presence information on a group level. The client also includes persistent chat rooms, called forums, and provides filters to alert users on the use of keywords in those forums.

However, the OPN client doesnt support docking the chat window with the contact roster window (which helps save screen real estate while organizing multiple chat sessions in a tabbed format). The OPN client is also Windows-only—Antepo doesnt provide an end-to-end solution for Mac OS or Linux users, although third-party open-source and commercial alternatives are available for at least one-to-one messaging.

On the administrative side, OPN System XT has an easy-to-manage, Web-based interface that exposes configuration elements such as directory integration, back-end databases, user management and gateway configuration. On the server, Antepo wraps the Web-based console in an interface that allows administrators to stop and start the system securely.

Antepos strong user management tools allowed us to prepopulate user rosters through group management in the administrator console. We particularly liked that we could either extend the Active Directory schema or leave it intact when installing the Active Directory integration component. The schema extension lets administrators enable IM for users and set users home servers in distributed server environments.

Administrators cant control client features on the fly, however. Features such as file sharing can be managed on the client side only through an XML configuration file that sets features when the software is installed.

The consoles limited search-based auditing tool can look for conversations stored in the database, but companies will need a reporting tool or third-party IM management application to fully audit user conversations for compliance purposes.

OPN System XT supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0, Solaris 8 and later, and Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003. Antepo recommends a Pentium 4-based server with a minimum of 2GB of RAM.

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