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By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2003-06-19 Print this article Print

The current characteristics of e-mail, corporate hostility toward customer privacy, and an industry insistence on computer user ignorance complete the witches brew. We are now served a huge daily helping of spam from this cauldron. By its nature, the bulk of the cost of spam is borne by the recipient and it is easy to obfuscate header information that might be used to effectively filter legitimate messages from spam spew.
Much of the legislative effort is focused on pushing spam costs back on the sender, mostly through litigation. As Ive said before, this might get rid of one form of spam while leaving "legitimate" spam untouched.
Any company with a Web presence should immediately change course and move in the direction of fiercely, jealously, passionately, unswervingly and with no strings attached protecting private, personal user information. Furthermore, give consumers exclusive control (even if this is complete relinquishment) over how personal information is used. Starting today, we should begin educating children on how to make choices in the way they use Internet resources. Aside from giving them access to the Internet, we need to help them value and protect their personal identity. We should encourage them to critically assess Web sites so they can determine if the information provided is valid, biased, correct or complete. Laws and litigation are one way to approach spam, but enabling users to control their personal information is a better option. Senior Analyst Cameron Sturdevant can be contacted at

Cameron Sturdevant Cameron Sturdevant has been with the Labs since 1997, and before that paid his IT management dues at a software publishing firm working with several Fortune 100 companies. Cameron also spent two years with a database development firm, integrating applications with mainframe legacy programs. Cameron's areas of expertise include virtual and physical IT infrastructure, cloud computing, enterprise networking and mobility, with a focus on Android in the enterprise. In addition to reviews, Cameron has covered monolithic enterprise management systems throughout their lifecycles, providing the eWEEK reader with all-important history and context. Cameron takes special care in cultivating his IT manager contacts, to ensure that his reviews and analysis are grounded in real-world concern. Cameron is a regular speaker at Ziff-Davis Enterprise online and face-to-face events. Follow Cameron on Twitter at csturdevant, or reach him by email at

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