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Traditionally, categorization applications have come from search engine vendors such as Thunderstone, and these applications still comprise the biggest chunk of the categorization market.

Texis Categorizer is an excellent example of this type of categorization application, with a great deal of flexibility in its implementation and with the ability to easily integrate with other systems, especially Web-based applications.

Texis Categorizer runs on almost anything, from Windows servers to most flavors of Unix. We ran our test system on a Linux box.

The main forces under Texis Categorizer are the Texis SQL database and the Vortex scripting engine, which uses standard CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripting. Almost any Web developer will be able to jump into this system very quickly.

Once the initial scripts are set up, which includes defining the category taxonomy, much of the remaining work is done in an easy-to-use, browser-based interface.

For each category in the taxonomy, Thunderstone recommends using about 20 training sets. For example, in the eWeek Labs taxonomy, we would use 20 reviews of storage products to train the application on how to categorize content on storage.

However, even if the training proves incomplete, Texis Categorizer makes it easy to fine-tune categories. During tests, for example, we could load uncategorized content into the interface and adjust categories as needed. With each new piece of content, we could see the accuracy of the categorization improve (see screen).

In addition, if we needed to change categorization information, we could uncategorize content that had already been processed by the system, then re-enter it.

The price of Texis Categorizer is well below that of many competing products: $10,000 for the Texis engine and $10,000 for Categorizer.

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