Wish List for Apple

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Wish list for Apple

I love Apple and all that they do. They are such a cool company and produce outstanding products that give the user a great experience from opening its box to using it on a daily basis. But they do things their way and I believe that they could delight customers even more if they were to implement some of my recommendations (smile). But I don't work at Apple and can only root for them from the outside. Consider these suggestions:

1. iPhone

- I wish that Apple would put politics aside and support Adobe Flash. It will enable iPhone developers to develop better applications and users to have a better experience.

- Include a microSD slot for expanded storage and/or communications. I know that Apple wants to maintain profit margins, and part of the way they do this is by building flash into the unit. But I wish that Apple would add a microSD slot and software to support it, as a generic I/O device would allow users to (again) have a better experience: sideloading music and photos, storing more data and downloading more services.

- I wish that Apple would develop a model of the iPhone that includes a real keyboard. Users like them. Give users a choice. Develop the best smartphone keyboard in the industry. It will sell very well, especially to those who do a lot of keyboard entry (for e-mail, for example).

- I wish that Apple would add a "back arrow" on lower-level menus so that all applications would provide an easy way to go back one level.

- I wish that Version 4.0 of the iPhone operating system will allow applications to run in the background so developers can incorporate alerts and services, as well as allow enterprises to remotely manage their iPhone devices.

- I wish that Apple would enable mobile video and music broadcast using one of the available technologies such as Mobile DTV or MediaFLO. They could test it on one high-end model and, if it does well, they could expand it to all models in the future.

- I wish that Apple will add the NFC chip to all iPhones so that applications can let users select method of payment and swipe at NFC-enabled terminals in retail stores, thus providing a "wallet in an iPhone."

2. iPad

I wish that Apple will launch a new device that I call the iPad, with the following features:

- Hold it vertical and it's an e-book reader; turn it horizontal and it's a multimedia player.

- Launch a new bookstore for the iPad that works similar to the Apps Store but for books.

- Allow third parties to build applications for the iPad, especially in the education sector.

3. MacBook

- Develop better Windows-to-Mac conversion tools. This would really help Windows users to convert more easily to the Mac.

- Encourage Microsoft to develop Internet Explorer for Mac, as some Web applications work best with Internet Explorer.

 4. iTunes

- Apple should allow any portable music player (including iPod, Zune and Sansa to sync with iTunes (this creates iTunes as the master control tower for all music players). After all, iTunes is now on almost every computer.

- Apple should consider renaming iTunes to something such as iMedia, since the software supports and manages all types of media, not just music.

- Apple should also provide a Web version of iTunes that would allow any device to connect and access content on iTunes.

5. iPod touch+

- Apple should create a version of the iPod touch that I dub the iPod touch+ that would contain wide area wireless (data) and Wi-Fi. This would allow millions of people who own a cell phone (for example, BlackBerry or feature phone) to enjoy the iPhone data experience wherever they go, rather than just within range of Wi-Fi (commercial, home or work) hot spots.

J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., is Principal Analyst of Mobile & Wireless at MobileTrax LLC.
Dr. Purdy has been covering mobile, wireless, cloud & enterprise for the past 20+ years. He writes analysis and recommendations each week in an easy-to-read manner that helps people better understand important technology issues and assist them in making better technology purchasing decisions.

Disclosure Statement: From time to time, I may have a direct or indirect equity position in a company that is mentioned in a column. If that situation happens, then IÔÇÖll disclose it at that time.

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