The Official iPad Unveiling

By J. Gerry Purdy  |  Posted 2010-04-07 Print this article Print

The official iPad unveiling

Just before 9:00a.m., the store manager came out to do the "official unveiling." He thanked everyone for getting up so early to experience the exciting new iPad. He then unveiled the drape and the entire staff began to applaud. The crowd applauded. The camera crews filmed the entire scene. This was definitely turning out to be a memorable event.

The sales process went very smoothly. Apple had plenty of iPads in stock (more than the number of those that had reserved and prepaid), so they alternated people coming in one at a time from each line. Apple store personnel formed a greeting line and thanked each person for coming in. Then, one person took each customer to show them the iPad and ring up the purchase.

I purchased the 64GB version and an Apple cover for it, and I was out of the store by 9:15a.m. The line was still growing but it appeared that everyone was going to be able to go home with an iPad.

The entire experience was very fulfilling. Imagine feeling fortunate to have just spent $700! The staff seemed to truly appreciate every single customer that came in to the store that day. It was an honest expression. The staff members were just as excited as the customers.

In my previous column on the iPad, I declared that the iPad (and others that will follow) will create a "three mobile device" paradigm where we'll have a notebook to create and do serious typing and research, a smartphone to call, message and exchange snippets of interaction, and we'll have a tablet that will be our carry-around to use all during the day, at different times and for different activities.

J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., is Principal Analyst of Mobile & Wireless at MobileTrax LLC.
Dr. Purdy has been covering mobile, wireless, cloud & enterprise for the past 20+ years. He writes analysis and recommendations each week in an easy-to-read manner that helps people better understand important technology issues and assist them in making better technology purchasing decisions.

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