UI and Other Technical Innovations of WP7

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UI and other technical innovations of WP7

There are a number of UI and technical innovations that WP7 brings to the mobile market, including:

New platform: WP7 is not an enhancement to previous Windows mobile efforts. It's developed from the "ground up"-no more forcing people to go through the Windows Start menu. It was designed to provide users with easy access to the information they want and need.

Active tiles: Users can decide what's important to them and allocate tiles to give them the information they need (for example, a tile for messaging, a tile for social, a tile for news, etc.). Click here to take a look at a sample Start screen on a WP7 phone. It shows a number of active tiles that are user-defined to make the initial images on the phone's Start screen comfortable and personal to the user.

Panoramas: With panoramas, you swipe left and right to get more information. This is a new user paradigm (much like flip/scroll has become in the iPhone and Android for looking through lists by swiping up and down). Panoramas allow you to swipe left and right-a very cool concept. Click here to take a look at a wide panorama on the WP7.

Notice that the phone image at the top can sweep to the right to cover all the information about a topic and then sweep back to the left. This allows applications to present a lot of information that appears the way the eye looks at the world-in a panoramic fashion. Vertical scrolling is good for lists whereas panoramas are good for showing more of one kind of information (such as a photo, image or set of items in a group).

Applications: Microsoft has created solid development tools to make it easy for consumer and enterprise developers to build exciting applications (for example, extending Xbox for gaming, etc.) and then publish them in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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