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So these Macromedia technologies, are they unannounced things? And what are they? CHRISTENSEN: Some announced and some unannounced. The announced tools include Flash Lite [a Flash player on phones] and Flash Cast [a Flash client on phones].
So, using a cable TV metaphor, subscribers subscribe to a number of channels and those channels appear on your device based on your preferences.
So going forward do you have plans to add to the developer ranks in your division at Macromedia? CHRISTENSEN: You know this is my first day, so its a little early to start making prophecies and predictions. Well be spending the next weeks and maybe even a couple of months going in-depth and working out both the aspirations in detail and also how we operationalize all those ideas. MEYROWITZ: We have clearly a group already doing the development in-house. The whole notion is that there are 800,000 to a million Flash developers out there, and people who develop Flash content over time should be able to develop content for that service. What I meant was that with your plans for a startup Id imagine you had a team in mind. I was curious if any of those folks would be joining you. CHRISTENSEN: Were currently evaluating the whole thing, and I need a bit of time to get up to speed to start doing detailed plans. Do you think Macromedia has a better mobile strategy than Microsoft? CHRISTENSEN: That sounds like the question: When did you stop beating up your wife? Its a different strategy for a completely different outcome. Theyre not mutually exclusive. If anything, the more Macromedia succeeds, the more Microsoft will succeed because Macromedias stuff will light up much better on devices that are powered by Microsofts type of operating system than some of the very simple operating systems you see out there today. So if Macromedia is very successful in helping people create applications and services, then it will be really good news for Microsoft as well. Whats your thinking about Sparkle [from Microsoft]? MEYROWITZ: Juha cant say anything about Sparkle since he came from Microsoft. There have always been so-called Flash killers coming along for as long as Ive been at Macromedia. We take Microsoft very seriously. They create very good software, and theyre a formidable competitor, but Sparkle isnt out yet and all that we can tell about it is that it will be a very restrictive technology for Avalon and Longhorn. CHRISTENSEN: I can say thats a part of the company I wasnt involved with at all. Microsoft is a big company with 60,000 employees, so the corner of the business that I was focused on was mobile devices, and what went on in the PC world was certainly interesting but not something I spent time reviewing and educating myself about. Read "Microsoft Hopes to Smother Flash with Sparkle." Do you think the Sendo lawsuit against Microsoft has merit? CHRISTENSEN: That I definitely shouldnt comment on at all, especially given that Im a witness in that case.


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