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Daley says several mobile service providers, such as Verizon Wireless, are working on making customers phones secure, mostly by letting them assign passwords to their mobile devices before they will boot completely. Daley says that this probably will be an optional service since most mobile users dont want to take the time to enter a password before using their cell phone or PDA.
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Consumers like the drunken-driving suspect (or Hilton) who have their wireless device invaded have little legal recourse, said John Morris, staff counsel for the Center for Democracy and Technology. "Its no different than if someone lost their wallet and someone else found pictures inside of it," Morris said. "Theres no law directly prohibiting a finder from disclosing them." The Houston case might be a bit different than the Hilton case, Morris said. "There may be some [Texas] state law about the abuse of property if investigators disclosed what they seized—but thats going to be a state-by-state thing. "If it goes to court invasion of privacy or court laws that already exist—not going to be an electronic or online law that directly covers this." As for the future of wireless privacy legislation, Morris said its not a clear situation at the moment. "Were going to see more situations where theres some electronic invasion of privacy —some of those will be addressed by old offline laws, and some will be addressed by new laws." Until then, both Morris and Daley said the best advice for employees and consumers is to keep wireless mobile devices close at all times. "I advise people to wear it—as corny and as dorky as that looks," Daley said. "Some people will go out and just leave it on the bar—whats up with that? "Especially if you have naked pictures on it." Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news, reviews and analysis on mobile and wireless computing.


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