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: To Advance Your Career, Reading is Fundamental"> You should periodically pick up one of the mainstream broadsheets like the New York Times, Washington Post or the Wall Street Journal. This is what the executives at your company are reading. Whatever theyre learning about IT, theyre probably learning it there. I have one former colleague who read every IT trade journal he could get his hands on. Then, one day, I showed him a profile of Bill Gates that the New York Times Magazine had done, which was obviously of a different style and perspective than all the other profiles he had read in the trades. Between the new information in this article and the realization that this is what upper management was reading, my colleague concluded that he desperately needed to balance his trade-journal reading with other sources of information. You want to assemble a set of journals that gives you the fullest perspective for the amount of time you have. Choose either daily e-mail newsletters or the comprehensive weekly summaries, but you dont need both. Rotate your reading by alternating among the various weeklies. Pick up a copy of the New York Times this month and the Wall Street Journal next month. When you see an article thats particularly on-point to something youre involved in, pass it on to others who would benefit from it.
And, you never know where youll find a great article. It was recently brought to my attention that the September 2002 issue of Playboy had an interview with Larry Ellison. (No odder a combination than the National Spelling Bee airing on ESPN, I guess.) With apologies to my eWEEK publisher, Id have to say that I learned more about Ellison by reading the Playboy interview than I did from anything Id ever read about him in any IT trade journal.
Our industry revolves around processing information. Make sure youre getting your share. Brian D. Jaffe is an IT director in New York, an eWEEK contributing editor and co-author of the "IT Managers Handbook: Getting Your New Job Done." He can be reached at


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