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"At the same time, I use Google five times a day, and I find it very useful to do a great job of researching information," Saltabida said. She said she likes knowing she can find useful information on any topic that is of interest to her. She is also impressed that Google is scanning the contents of libraries. Access to additional information is always useful in her job, which involves research and assisting with product planning and design, she said.
Another attendee saw little downside to having access to vast libraries of information.
"The Internet in general has provided a good service to people around the world in terms of having immediate access to information," said Paul Bakutis, CIO with Ahlstrom Corp., a specialty paper company in Windsor Locks, Conn. Schmidt "had a pretty exciting message in terms of the whole idea of the power of information" and finding ways for more people to access more information. The concept of putting entire libraries online and "having that information at your fingertips is a good idea," Bakutis said. Read more here about Googles efforts to put the contents of six renowned research libraries online. "Its pretty much to everybodys advantage to further refine the idea" and the capabilities of search technology to sort though this immense pool of information, he said. Schmidt observed that there is still plenty of room for growth. The human population exceeds 6 billion, "and they all arent online yet," he said. There is always new information that will move online and more people who want to search for it, he said. Google isnt intimidated by growing competition in the search market, Schmidt said. The entry of Microsoft Corp. into the desktop search field and its Microsoft Network and Hotmail offerings dont present intimidating competition. While Microsoft is part of the search and e-mail ecosystem, "the biggest competitor is still Yahoo," Schmidt said. In the search field "Microsoft is a new entry, and it remains to be seen how that will play out," he said. Google, he said, will continue to do everything to make its search engines run "deeper, faster, better." Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news, views and analysis on enterprise search technology.

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