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By Brian Prince  |  Posted 2008-03-11 Print this article Print

Can you elaborate a little on how Identum's technology will play into your SAAS strategy?

Software as a service is a key thrust to Trend Micro's customer offerings on both the e-mail and web side.  You can look at InterScan Hosted Messaging Service to see some of what we offer today. The E-mail encryption technology provided by Identum dovetails nicely with such offerings. 

How does this acquisition help the company compete with McAfee and Symantec? Also, EMC (RSA) and VeriSign when it comes to encryption?

The Identity-based Encryption (IBE) technology provided by Identum overcomes many of the obstacles that obstructed previous PKI encryption solutions. Public Key Infrastructure, or PKI, is problematic for many enterprises. The IBE technology enables us to provide solutions and value not found amongst other security industry leaders. 

What types of things, purely from a technology standpoint, would Trend Micro be interested in adding to its portfolio?

I think as we move more and more of our technology in the cloud, the cloud computing technology, whatever type of cloud computing technology, is always interesting to me. The other [interest] is to enhance our performance, our scalability of the in-the-cloud, would be technology that I'm really interested in.

Do you think SAAS, will that become the primary delivery model for security? Do you see that happening?

I think it's still in the transition, and it will be a hybrid model. If you talk about SAAS, everything on the cloud, that's not possible because you still need a small agent at the desktop, and you still have something on the PC. You need to protect the PC.  So I think technology-wise it's going to be a hybrid model, and business model-wise I think it's a transition.

There's still customers that want to buy software, customers (who) want to buy the appliances, so I think this market will still combine with three sets of delivery models. But 20 years from now, who knows? Maybe most of the people will be using SAAS, or a hybrid-some flavor of SAAS will be in the software delivery model.

Editor's Note: This story was updated to correct Trend Micro CEO Eva Chen's name.


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