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The call-control and call-handling sound current with the art: drag-and-drop calls into conferences. Click to dial out of Outlook or an IM client. Pick up voice mails anywhere through a Web interface. Configure your call treatments using caller ID and presence information, so upon specific incoming caller ID, if your presence says youre out to lunch, you can have the MX transfer the call to your cell phone. Version 2.2 comes with its own IM server for instant messaging that businesses can archive. Together with voice mail archiving, this is something that can be used to meet Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulations for medical applications or Sarbanes-Oxley regulations in the financial sector. The system also comes with an optional digital-signal-processor-based fax server built in, supporting incoming and outgoing fax at the desktop. Faxes can be sent by "printing" any document to the fax driver. They can be received in in-boxes along with e-mail and voice mail and can trip notification calls. Again, any time you want to activate the Zultys PBXs fax potential, its only a matter of a phone call to your reseller, a payment and a software license key code.
Recent upgrades to the MX250 have added its own PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch, the EPS48, supporting the IEEE 802.3af standard, and the BPS12, a 48-volt rack-mounted battery system. This would kick in and power the PBX should AC power fail; PoE powers the phones. "UPS is not really robust enough for telecom," Milnes said. "They typically have a one-year warrantee and are really designed for low cost rather than high quality. Our battery system is designed as a communications device, so it puts out 48 volts. It does not put out AC." The 48 V goes to the MX250, and it can also go to the PoE switch.
"A lot of PoE switches are AC-based," explained Patrick Ferriter, Zultys vice president of marketing. "They raise the temperature and dont survive internally. When you plug all your Ethernet wires into it, the power supply or fan fails eventually, and you have an unscheduled failure. You have to pull out all your wires and replace it with another switch. With our implementation, everything is simplified because you dont have an AC supply in there. When the batteries begin to go, they have an indicator. You simply schedule an outage and replace the batteries. We have no unscheduled outtages." The system also fully supports SIP calls outside the LAN perimeter, something in the plans of customer WOB Management, which operates a mental-health referral service in Los Angeles. Chris Siciarz, Contract Manager with WOB, was sold on a $15,000 MX 250 system with eight phones and battery backup. The deal closer for him was the embedded fax server, for the thousands of 10-page patient evaluation forms that come into his office each year. Another factor was toll cost savings: Siciarz plans to hook the system up to four accounts of Lingo, the $19.95 all-you-can-dial VOIP service from Primus Telecom, for all the patient follow-up calls his office has to make. At press time, he was waiting for the local Regional Bell Operating Company to provision a T1 line so he can hook up all four phones and data through the convergent system. In the meantime, hes using analog phones and Lingos terminal adapters. Next Page: What alternatives did the customer consider?

Ellen Muraskin is editor of eWEEK.com's VOIP & Telephony Center. She has worked on the editorial staff at Computer Telephony, since renamed Communications Convergence, including three years as executive editor. Muraskin's work has also appeared in Popular Science magazine and other publications.

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