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BOSWORTH: I wasnt at the PDC, but Im close friends with Brad Lovering, John Shewchuck, and Eric [Rudder] and so Im pretty aware of whats going on with Indigo. I dont know what to think yet. I think thats the short answer. Theres always the desire to build cleaner plumbing when plumbings out there. And you can see the plusses and minuses and successes and shortcomings. Normally those desires fail. Lest we forget TCP/IP was supposed to fail. There was supposed to be this seven-level OSS stack that we were supposed to have for networking and in the end that didnt happen.
Microsoft had all these good reasons why TCP/IP wouldnt succeed until it did. If plumbing is ubiquitous and everybody uses it, it tends to over time settle down and not be displaceable. I would say that the Web services stuff is pretty ubiquitous and pretty widely used at this point. Indigo as far as I can tell is still a couple years away—if they tie it to Longhorn, which they seem to be doing; and if they tie it to WinFS, which they also seem to be doing. I dont even know how far that stuff is, but certainly lets say three years. Three years from now I wonder if anyone, even Microsoft, can replace plumbing at that level. As I already mentioned I couldnt with networking. Its not clear to me why theyll be able to do it with this. The complexity is the issue. And I think the industry needs to work very hard, take what weve got and not over-complexify. But its not clear to me that you sort of have to almost start from scratch, which is a little bit of an unfair statement about Indigo, but… Clearly, theyre saying lets not assume certain things that today we do list as part of Web services.
And the other thing is I havent yet seen what Ill call a sufficient focus on messaging. This is very basic to me. Any time I wire together a set of services I want to architect so that whether they are up or down it goes on working, whether theyre slow or fast it goes on working. I just want robustness in the system. And that says to me you want to send message whenever you can. Sometimes you cant. But much of the time thats not true. And as we move to a sync world even less of the time that will be true, because in the background… The reason this works so well [holds up a Blackberry] is because they synchronize my mail in the background. So when I look at my mail its right there. So I believe were going to move more and more towards an asynch and message-oriented world. And that should be a key focus of where Web services go. I havent seen anything I would call a key focus of Indigo. Can I enable it, yes. But I didnt see it as: this is what makes it different. Maybe you did. What I saw was leaner, meaner, straight on the sockets…


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