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CollabNets Behlendorf said peers can improve technology by reviewing each others work. "We believe in the sunshine model that open peer review leads to better implementations," he said. Stanfords Lessig said, "The law has tools independent of these open-source licenses that can achieve compatibility." RedMonks Governor, quoting Winston Churchill to get his point across, paraphrased the diplomats comment that democracy is the worst form of government—except for all of the others that have been tried. "Well, the JCP [Java Community Process] may be the worst governance model, but its the best one weve tried," Governor said to a round of applause from the audience.
Smith rhetorically asked: "How many would buy an incompatible implementation?"
Lessig later turned that statement back on him, saying, "Is delivering a system thats not compatible good business? I believe it is, if theres somebody who doesnt want it to work." Java creator Gosling quickly retorted: "Theres at least one example of that." Gingell said he fears a day when Java programs have to include features such as "system dot check with attorney. … Code doesnt read trademarks, it doesnt read licenses." Click here to read about Sun CEO Scott McNealys keynote at JavaOne, where he told IBM, "Do your own IP." Gosling said Sun already is quite open with Java. "All the implementations are published," he said. "You can find all the sources of J2SE and you can find all the sources of all the APIs. " "What people mean is to allow for open-source implementations of those specs," Behlendorf said. "Well see that with Groovy [a scripting language for the Java Virtual Machine]. Its a test case." Gingell said, "People ask what our commitment is to Java—we bet the company on it. What is it that can be improved? How can we improve the rate and device of change?" Gosling said the best way to effect change is to "participate … go over to and vote." "Look at the history of Sun," he said after the panel. "The history of Sun is made by a bunch of guys who hang out in the open-source community." Meanwhile, BEA Systems Inc.s chief technology officer, Scott Dietzen, said Wednesday night: "We are publicly in favor of open-sourcing J2SE." Check out eWEEK.coms Developer & Web Services Center at for the latest news, reviews and analysis in programming environments and developer tools.

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