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By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2003-10-27 Print this article Print

What Microsoft is doing is trying to seed the developer base to build applications for Indigo, sources said. These applications would then be ready concurrent with Longhorn. According to Steven VanRoekel, Microsofts director of Web services, the company will be giving developers a roadmap of "where to go today to get to that next world of tomorrow."
VanRoekel described .Net Remoting, one component of Indigo, as an approach to do remote procedure calls against Windows applications. "It supports Web services and were on a strategic direction to Web servicize everything were doing," he added.
In addition, Microsoft is promoting a multiplatform vision through Indigo—multiplatform as in multi-Microsoft platform. The idea is that developers will be able to write a single code set in Indigo and it will be able to run on a variety of different user environments, such as mobile devices, remote access devices or distributed out to clients, sources close to Microsoft said. This is enabled by the Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) technology embedded in Indigo, sources said. It has traditionally been difficult to bridge the code bases for PDAs, desktops and embedded environments and Indigo makes a step to cultivate such a multiplatform vision. Meanwhile, Indigo also will feature some of Microsofts BizTalk functionality. BizTalks Web services and messaging functionality will be part of Indigo, sources said. Microsofts plans with Indigo mirror that of other companies, such as IBM, which recently delivered a new version of its WebSphere Software Development Kit for Web Services, which competes with Microsofts Web Services Enhancements (WSE) and helps programmers write Web services. Indigo is a much bigger, bolder version of WSE, said a source close to Microsoft. Angel Diaz, IBMs program director of Web services product management, Version 5.1 of its WebSphere Software Development Kit for Web Services (WSDK), which features support for all the latest major Web services standards as well as the Web Services Interoperability Organizations (WS-I) Basic Profile. Rick Hightower, chief technology officer at Trivera Technologies LLC, a Medford Lakes, N.J., enterprise Java training company, said the latest version of the WSDK "directly competes with Microsofts Visual Studio .Net. Its very similar to Visual Studio .Net and its basically Javas answer to that." Hightower said "IBM has raised the bar in the way it works with Web services," such as the way it embraces Universal Description, Discovery and Integration and is "more focused on interoperability," including integration with .Net clients. Indeed, webMethods Inc.s recent acquisition of The Mind Electric Inc. is an attempt to create an SOA powerhouse of the likes of Indigo. The companys new chief technology officer, Graham Glass, is noted for his vision in this area. Though observers question whether the company can move swiftly enough to integrate all its tools and deliver on the vision.Discuss this in the eWEEK forum.

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