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Google Gmail Becoming More Enterprise-Friendly

Google's Gmail application is getting increasingly robust. In fact, it hardly resembles the simple compose-send-receive Web mail app it launched as in 2004. New features, including gadgets that enable access to Google Docs and Google Calendar from Gmail and chat SMS features, indicate that...

Key Features in the Atmos Cloud-Building Package

Designed for Web 2.0 and Internet companies, telecoms and other large-scale enterprises, Atmos centralizes storage management and automates placement of information globally in real time. The new package uses high-end scalability and next-generation, policy-driven management controls to enable...

EMC Launches Atmos, Its First Cloud-Building Platform

Using massive scalability and next-generation, policy-driven management controls, Atmos enables the automation and management of data in global cloud storage environments. Designed for Web 2.0 and Internet companies, telecoms, and other large-scale enterprises, Atmos centralizes storage management...

Malware Detection Goes Hybrid

Wouldn't it be great if we could have a simple solution to the malware problem? It's easier, for now, to implement complicated ones. Symantec shows the way.

Google, Execs Chide Oracle, Microsoft on Cloud Computing

| CEO Marc Benioff gets digs in against Oracle and Microsoft, while Google Enterprise President Dave Girouard says Google Apps will be better tasting fruit than Microsoft Office Web at a cloud computing panel at Web 2.0 Summit. Those jibes overshadowed other comments, such as the...

Google Web Spam Cop Matt Cutts Talks Hacker Defense at Web 2.0 Summit

Google's Matt Cutts shows how site administrators can ward off malicious intruders that aim to stunt the growth of or profit from social networks and other Web 2.0 services.

Minus Succor from Google, Yahoo Is Still Open to a Deal with Microsoft

Under fire since failing to come to terms with Microsoft on an acquisition for Yahoo, Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang braves the crowd at Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. Among other things, Yang said he'd still strike a deal with Microsoft, though one is not pending; Google bailed; and the Department...

Mapping Market Opportunities for the Apple iPhone

Apple's iPhone was the hot topic during a session at the Web 2.0 Summit. The 451 Group's Raven Zachary and other panelists discussed the market potential for the smart phone in the mobile and wireless sector. Can Google, Nokia, Microsoft and RIM catch up? Here are some compelling data points...

Data Democratization at Defrag

Merit says data democratization is about reaching the asses to allow information workers to organize, analyze and manipulate data on their own. He says there are three key trends to freeing up data. First, is cloud computing, where businesses host software services and deliver them to end...

Get Off of My Cloud: Private Cloud Computing Takes Shape

Private cloud computing is a different take on the mainstream version, in that smaller, cloudlike IT systems within a firewall offer similar services, but to a closed internal network. This network may include corporate or division offices, other companies that are also business partners, raw-material...

Private Cloud Storage: Facts You Need to Know

Cloud Computing isn't an option for every enterprise, but what about a private Cloud? More and more enterprises are turning building a private cloud infrastructure to take advantage of the storage and computing advantages of Cloud Computing without the risks and vulnerabilities of participating...

Only Problem with Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Search Is It's Awful

Search engine experts at the Defrag conference say they believe the future of search engines and corresponding Web services will involve semantic technologies and the social graph. But will this mean the gradual fading of general search results pages as we know them from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft?...

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