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Amazon SimpleDB a Solid Choice for Simple Web-based Data Storage

Tech analysis: Amazon in December released the beta version of SimpleDB, which is part of Amazon Web Services. Amazon SimpleDB offers businesses using cloud-based applications a place to store simple data. While not useful for all Web-based data storage, Amazon SimpleDB can work well in environments...

Opera Preps Super-Fast JavaScript Engine

Opera Software has announced it is at work on a new JavaScript engine named Carakan (pronounced Tsharakan) that is two-and-a-half times faster than the JavaScript engine in Opera 10. The Opera team has focused on improving on its previous ECMAScript engine in three main areas: register-based...

Green Grid Publishes Data Center Efficiency Metrics

The 2-year-old consortium of data center-related technology companies took a major step in defining the power-usage performance of a data center by publishing its first energy-efficiency reporting guidelines.

Oracle Acquires Leader in Application Configuration Management

In its first acquisition of 2009, Oracle purchases mValent, a company whose configuration management solutions can promote efficiencies within Oracle Enterprise Manager. Even as it envelops smaller companies, Oracle may also be looking toward a future where cloud computing dominates the enterprise...

Wozniak Exits 'Quiet Life,' Joins Storage Startup Fusion-io

The Apple co-founder and chief technologist hooks up with a Salt Lake City-based company that makes compact NAND flash storage arrays. Wozniak will be chief scientist after serving as a Fusion-io board member. His schedule starts immediately.

eWEEK Labs Walk-through: Amazon SimpleDB SLIDESHOW

Amazon released the beta version of the online database product as part of its Amazon Web Services. SimpleDB offers businesses using cloud-based applications a place to store simple data. While not useful for all Web-based data storage, SimpleDB can work well in environments where users need... Becomes Social Content Management Service

|, which began life as a file management and file-sharing platform in a cloud computing environment, is becoming a more robust content management provider. The startup adds profiles, discussions, bookmarks and other messaging, collaboration, and social computing tools to better compete...

More Security Technologies Could Bolster Web Browsers

Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari ... the list of browsers goes on. Each browser has taken its own approach to embedding security features. Looking ahead, security pros see a future when reputation-related and validation technologies play a bigger part.

IT Earnings Reports Show Vast Disparities

EMC, and Data Domain watch revenues soar while most other companies keep struggling to avoid red ink. SAP, IBM, Sun Microsystems and others continue to lay off staff in IT management efforts to control operational expenses.

Gartner: How to Unify Your SOA Roll-Out

Nick Gall, a Gartner Research analyst, says for best results enterprises should unify enterprise architecture with service-oriented architecture and business process management. Gall, who spoke at the Microsoft SOA and Business Process Conference 2009, said every enterprise will be doing SOA...

Microsoft Debunks SOA Myths

At its Microsoft SOA and Business Process Conference 2009, Steven Martin, senior director of Developer Platforms and Tools at Microsoft, debunked some of the leading myths about service-oriented architecture, including SOA is dead and SOA stops at the firewall. Among other things, Martin also...

ZDE Survey Shows Recession Not Curtailing Data Center Upgrades

Respondents to a Ziff-Davis Enterprise survey reported that data center consolidation and server consolidation projects are proceeding on schedule despite concerns about the persistent recession. The projects are proceeding because IT executives are convinced they will pay off substantially...

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