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Keynote KITE 2.0 Measures Web Site Performance, Applications

Keynote's KITE 2.0 software lets Web site developers and implementers gauge the performance of their sites and rich AJAX-based applications. The free software from Keynote offers strong granular performance data, but developers will need to conduct some trial-and-error work with KITE's scripting...

Data Storage 2009: It's All About Efficiency

Looking ahead to 2009 with its recessionary complications, indications are that virtualization in all its forms will help the next 12 months become IT's Year of Finding More Efficiency. In data storage, this means finding and utilizing as much disk capacity as can be identified to make best...

Green-minded Google Gets Red-faced Over Search Energy Consumption Claims

So much for clean, green IT and green computing for Google Web services. Harvard University physicist Alex Wissner-Gross says that Google uses a lot of energy. Specifically, two Google searches on a computer can generate almost the same amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) as boiling a kettle for...

Adobe Delivers Cloud Solution via Amazon Web Services

Adobe Systems has announced the availability of Adobe LiveCycle ES Developer Express software, a full version of Adobe LiveCycle ES hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud computing environment.

Google Creates Open-Source App Engine Project for Exporting Blog Content

Google unveils the open-source Blog Converters project for federating the exchange of data between blogging platforms, including Blogger, MoveableType, WordPress and LiveJournal. Blog Converters is just one facet of a fundamental shift from siloed Web sites, which lock users in to their services,...

Corporate Buyers in the Driver's Seat for Buys in 2009

Corporate development experts hold the power in merger and acquisition deals in 2009, with the potential to bargain down formerly high-priced startups. The 451 Group concludes that bolt-on buys will reign in 2009 as opposed to market-changing buys, such as HP for EDS or Cisco for WebEx. Who...

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer Talks Windows 7, Windows Live at CES

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took center stage at the opening of the International CES Jan. 7 to announce that Microsoft would release a beta version of its new Windows 7 operating system this week. In addition, Ballmer announced new partnerships for its Windows Live Essentials product, including...

Sun Acquires Cloud Computing Automator Q-layer

Sun continues to invest in its cloud computing strategy. A small European company automates the deployment and management of public and private clouds and will become part of Sun's new Cloud Computing business unit.

Will Google Help Contextual Web Blossom with Chrome?

Yahoo, Mozilla and several startups have created browser plugins or widgets to help define the contextual Web, where users can derive greater intelligence and value from their Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome Web browsers. Adaptive Blue, Zemanta, Lijit and Zentac are all fostering such... Network Device Failure Shuts Thousands out of SAAS Apps

|'s SAAS CRM apps went down Jan. 6 in a nearly 40-minute outage that spurred a tweeting rage on Twitter., which hosts CRM and other enterprise apps over the Internet for thousands of companies, says the problem thwarted over 177 million transactions in Europe, Asia...

SAAS E-Mail from Google, Microsoft Proves Cost Effective for Up to 15K Seats

Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Yahoo and others have plenty of pie to chow down on in the market for messaging and collaboration SAAS. Forrester Research sees value in cloud-based e-mail, finding it less expensive than on-premise solutions up to 15,000 seats. What side of the fence is your business...

Five Tech Trends to Watch in 2009

Small businesses face tightening IT budgets this year, but here are five technology trends all midmarket companies should be keeping an eye on.

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