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Survey: Amazon Beats Out Google as Best Cloud Provider

A survey by Appistry and CloudCamp shows that respondents chose and its Amazon Web Services over Google by a margin of nearly two to one as the company expected to have the largest impact on cloud computing. Security, reliability and scalability emerged as the top three challenges...

Do Federal Agencies Belong in Cloud Computing Networks?

Given the current state of the economy and the yawning federal deficit, the efficiency and cost-savings associated with cloud computing are prompting U.S. federal IT agencies to flirt with the cloud platform. Slowly, of course, since it is the government, after all.

How to Make the Most of Virtualization in a Heterogeneous Data Center - 1

Virtualization is heralded for reducing server sprawl and optimizing utilization. Yet deployed incorrectly, it can wreak havoc on an enterprise. With virtualization, enterprises have the power to move resources in an instant, but the wrong move can actually hinder user performance and increase...

How to Select a Trustworthy Cloud Computing Vendor

With the growing popularity of cloud computing services, companies seeking to gain a foothold in the industry are increasingly jumping on the cloud computing bandwagon. But presence does not equal proficiency, and some companies are simply unprepared to provide reliable service to customers...

Symantec Joins the Burgeoning Cloud-Development Crowd

Veritas Operations Services from Symantec can be used to build cloud infrastructure, but it also offers proactive management tools to help identify hidden data center risks involving configuration issues and other problems that can stifle an online business very quickly. The Veritas Operations...

CA Debuts Cloud Management Software Suite

At CA World, CA introduces its first integrated suite of enterprise IT management software products designed to manage cloud computing and the vagaries of virtualization efficiently and cost-effectively.

Private Cloud Storage Platforms Are Officially a Trend

In the last few months, a number of prominent IT companies have come out with do-it-yourself, private cloud storage and computing development platforms. There's also a gaggle of startups trying to find a wedge into the market. It's like someone shot off a starting gun, with all the competing...

Amazon Web Services Launches CloudFront

Amazon continues to expand its offerings in the cloud, releasing CloudFront, a hosted service designed to rapidly deliver a wide range of regularly requested online media content.

Inside Microsoft Online Services SLIDESHOW

Stephen Elop, president of the Microsoft Business Division, formally released Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft SharePoint Online from public beta to all business customers and industry partners in San Francisco Nov. 17. The SAAS productivity and collaboration suites are aimed for the...

Microsoft Slashes at Google Apps Price Point with Rapier of Granularity

Microsoft officials position the granular pricing in Microsoft Online Services as superior to Google's one-size-fits-all subscription fee for GAPE messaging and collaboration enterprise applications. GAPE is easily less expensive than Microsoft's offerings of Exchange Online and SharePoint...

Should Yahoo Join Google,, in the Cloud?

Could search engine and Web services giant Yahoo begin offering SAAS or PAAS in the cloud a la Google, or Some analysts consider this unlikely given Yahoo's consumer roots and lack of cash, talent and data center DNA for the enterprise. What do you say?

Cemaphore Syncs E-Mail Between Microsoft Exchange, Exchange Online

Cemaphore announces MailShadowX, an e-mail continuity application designed to help synchronize e-mail, calendars and contacts between Microsoft Exchange and the new Microsoft Exchange Online SAAS messaging and collaboration suites. MailShadowX also allows users to access their Google Apps data,...

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