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"One of the goals I have for MySQL is that it should be everywhere—geographically, in all kinds of devices and with all kinds of applications," he said. "This means that we must have a flexible design, and it should be easy to configure a MySQL server to work in a lot of different environments. The handheld is just one such environment.

"The challenge with a handheld is that the database should not take up a lot of memory, and it should be trivial to move data into and out from the handheld. Its a technical challenge to do this in a portable, efficient and easy-to-use way.

"I bought a little video/MP3 player that I took with me on the plane from Finland to Orlando, and even if its a very nice toy, I was missing an embedded relational database in it, as the device would then be so much easier to use—and thus more useful for me."


Experts say the momentum to adopt open-source databases is being fueled by commoditization of databases, as vendors such as MySQL offer low-cost, feature-lean versions of pricier databases.

In addition, the company this week released its MySQL Cluster database technology—a move that analysts say sends a clear message that the open-source database maker is intent on cracking the enterprise.

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