How the Skills Gap Is Threatening the Growth of App Economy

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How the Skills Gap Is Threatening the Growth of App Economy

Companies more and more are seeing the value in becoming a software-driven enterprise. But a skills shortage is threatening the growth of the so-called app economy.

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Skills Gap Tops Concerns

The CA Technologies survey found that the skills shortage is the largest concern—37 percent of respondents—amongst senior business and technology executives dealing with application strategy.

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App Economy Changes Hiring Strategies

In an effort to become more software-driven, companies are growing more aggressive in their hiring strategies. Fifty-seven percent of respondents said the drive toward the app economy will impact their hiring strategies.

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Key Skills for the App Economy

Four must-have skills for the app economy are data science, DevOps, collaboration and APIs.

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Software Needed

As software continues to "eat the world," as Web pioneer and entrepreneur Marc Andreessen said, more companies are bringing software development in-house and acquiring companies to add software talent.

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Data Science Most Difficult Skill to Acquire

Although data science is the most sought-after skill, according to the survey, finding other top skills— including social media, programming and development, DevOps and analytics—is also no easy task.

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Lack of Skills Impeding Progress

Forty-two percent of respondents to the CA Technologies' survey said the paucity of skilled workers could present a major obstacle to their competitive positions in their markets.

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Innovative Approaches to Recruitment and Training

Businesses are taking new and different approaches to acquiring software talent, including establishing technology centers in technology- and talent-rich areas.

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Cultural Change

Companies are changing their business culture to be more effective in the app economy by doing things like improving processes and enhancing collaboration between business units.

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Government Assistance

The government provides opportunities for training a new crop of tech workers, including supporting and funding Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs, IT security programs and education reform.

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Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Seventy-eight percent of respondents to the CA Technologies survey said they believe that becoming a software-driven business will lead to a competitive advantage over rivals. However, the threat of a skills shortage looms large.

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