Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley

Although an impressive number of startup ecosystems have been established around the world, Silicon Valley remains at the top of the list in all dimensions.Photo credit: Samykolon

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Tel Aviv

Israel has the highest density of tech startups in the world, and almost every major tech company today has some kind of subsidiary in Israel, including Intel, Microsoft, Google and Cisco Systems, to name just a few.Photo credit: Talgraf777

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles has 4.8 percent more Web startups but 18 percent fewer mobile-focused startups than Silicon Valley; however, newer programming languages like Python and Ruby are the preferred coding languages of startups in L.A.Photo credit: Nserrano

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New York City

The Big Apple is the second-largest ecosystem for software startups in terms of absolute output and the global capital for women tech entrepreneurs, with 18 percent being female.Photo credit: AngMoKio

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Compared with entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, those in Boston are more likely to be serial entrepreneurs, especially in markets where they have previous experience.Photo credit: Urban

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Though London has become the most successful startup ecosystem in Europe, producing the largest output of startups in the European Union by far, its output is still 63 percent lower than Silicon Valley.Photo credit: Arpingstone

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Toronto is the largest startup ecosystem in Canada and is one of the largest startup ecosystems globally, alongside regional competitors such as New York City, Boston and Waterloo, a fellow Ontario, Canada, city.Photo credit: Raul Heinrich

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Although Vancouver has a similar technology adoption rate to Silicon Valley, entrepreneurs there are less likely to tackle new markets and more likely to target niche markets.Photo credit: Kaveh

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Due to the dearth of super angels and venture capital in Paris, entrepreneurs rely almost solely on self-funding, friends and family, as well as incubators for capital.Photo credit: Hofi0006

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The report said while Sydney is Australia’s largest startup ecosystem, with a healthy diversity of targeted customers and markets, it has not reached a position where it influences markets outside the continent.Photo credit: OSX II

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