SmartBear HTML5 Testing Tool Now Supports Sencha

SmartBear Software announced a new version of its TestComplete testing application that supports Sencha Ext JS and more.

SmartBear Software, a provider of quality-assurance products for developers and testers, has announced a new version of TestComplete, its tool for testing Web and HTML5 applications.

The new version of TestComplete features several upgrades over the previous release, including support for Sencha Ext JS, a popular HTML5/JavaScript framework for building rich Internet applications. The latest version of TestComplete also increases cross-browser testing with support for Opera and Safari as well as updated support for the most recent versions of Chrome and Firefox.

Gautam Agrawal, senior product manager at Sencha, said Sencha Ext JS is used for business-grade Web application development and features more than 100 examples, 1,000 APIs, hundreds of components, a documentation suite and built-in themes. "Web application testing is critical for our users, particularly the use of Ext JS 4 UI controls in HTML5," he said. "Users can now build even more robust applications, backed by the most comprehensive Web application testing available with TestComplete."

Sencha's CEO Michael Mullany recently spoke with eWEEK about HTML5 demand, tooling and the future of the technology.

Mullany said demand for HTML5 is growing for four primary reasons. "I think it's a combination of a few factors," he said. "First, every major browser now has support for what we like to call HTML5.0—all the fundamental HTML5 features for styling, graphics, media, animation and content. Second, HTML5 browsers have reached a critical mass of installed base, on mobile in particular. Third, developers are genuinely excited by the kinds of experiences that it's possible to develop with these features. And finally, particularly within the enterprise, people have realized that putting a huge amount of engineering investment into native application development isn't a supersmart move given the market share volatility among mobile devices in the last few years. HTML5 is looking really to them as the future proof investment."

In addition to Sencha Ext JS, the new version of TestComplete adds support for JavaFX 2, Qt 5 and Apache Flex 4.9. Integration with third-party Agile tools is updated to include JIRA 6.0, 5.2 and 5.0 as well as Axosoft OnTime 2012 and 2013. The latest TestComplete works with SmartBear's AQTime 8 application profiler to automatically analyze performance and memory usage, and test coverage during test execution.

"Web testing continues to drive growth in the desktop test automation market," said Sergei Sokolov, vice president of product management, test and performance at SmartBear, in a statement. "TestComplete keeps apace with the requirements of this growing market, including all-important support for Sencha Ext JS and complete cross-browser testing using all five commonly used browsers on the Windows platform."

TestComplete is being demonstrated at FalafelCon, a two-day developer training event being held at Microsoft's Silicon Valley Campus on June 10-11. Developers and testers can try out TestComplete here.

SmartBear officials said more than 1 million developers, testers and operations professionals use the company's software tools to ensure the quality and performance of their APIs, mobile, cloud-based and Web applications. There have been more than 5 million downloads of SmartBear products. In addition, free tools and plug-ins for automation and performance testing, code review and Website monitoring are available for download on the SmartBear Website.