Atlassian Delivers Confluence 4

With Confluence 4, Atlassian provides hundreds of new features in the new version of its team collaboration tool.

Atlassian has announced the release of Confluence 4, a new version of the company's team collaboration software, with hundreds of new features to help users within an organization create rich content quickly and easily.

Confluence is a content collaboration tool used by over 12,000 organizations, representing millions of users around the world, to help them collaboratively create, share and discuss projects, ideas, minutes, specs, mockups, diagrams and files, Atlassian officials said. Customers include Boeing, Citigroup, Facebook, Intuit, Netflix, Stanford University and Zynga.

Key new features and improvements in Confluence 4 include the following:

  • Unifying the best aspects of wiki markup and WYSIWYG to provide a faster, richer, more intuitive editing experience
  • Auto-formatting and simple keyboard shortcuts that make the editing experience several times faster for content creation -- for both new and experienced Confluence users
  • Twitter-like @mentions provide social connectedness and notifications to connect users with content they should know about
  • Auto-complete gives quick access to hundreds of macros to insert dynamic and rich content into pages and blogs
  • Paste screenshots directly into the Web editor, drag-and-drop file attachments, embed videos, create advanced tables and more.

"Confluence 4 offers an incredibly intuitive and powerful editing experience that changes the way teams create content and collaborate on projects online," said Mike Cannon-Brookes, Atlassian CEO and co-founder, in a statement. "No one matches Confluence's ease of use and depth of features."

Moreover, a new guided install wizard has been implemented for Confluence 4 on both Windows and Linux operating systems. In addition, a "What's New" feature, added in a prior version of Confluence, will provide a guided tour to all users of the new features available in Confluence 4.

Both hosted and on-premises versions of Confluence are available for a free 30-day evaluation, and customers on active maintenance can upgrade free of charge. For more information, visit