Linux Foundation, Others Use Open Source Summit to Unveil New Projects

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Linux Foundation, Others Use Open Source Summit to Unveil New Projects

The Linux Foundation and other organizations have made significant announcements at Open Source Summit North America, which runs Sept. 11-14 in Los Angeles. Open Source Summit is the successor to the Linux Foundation's LinuxCon conference. While the Linux Foundation initially only dealt with Linux, the organization has grown over the past decade to become the home of many open-source efforts. At Open Source Summit, the Linux Foundation grew its project roster further with the announcement of the Community Health Analytics Open Source Software (CHAOSS) project. Meanwhile, the EdgeX internet of things (IoT) effort announced new members. The Linux Foundation wasn't the only organization making news at Open Source Summit, as both Dell and IBM unveiled new offerings at the event. In this slide show, eWEEK looks at seven news announcements the came out of the 2017 Open Source Summit.

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Open-Source Guides for the Enterprise

Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, announced at the summit that the ToDo project is releasing a series of new guides on how to make use of best practices to run or start an open-source project.

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CHAOSS Comes to Open Source

The Linux Foundation unveiled the new Community Health Analytics Open Source Software (CHAOSS) project on Sept. 11. The goal of the project is to use metrics and analytics tools to analyze open-source software project collaboration and activity.

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CII Achieves Security Badge Milestone

The Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) announced that 100 projects have now been granted its Best Practice Badge. The goals of the badges is to make it easier for open-source project users to identify which projects follow a set of security best practices.

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Kubernetes Certified Service Provider Program Debuts

The new Kubernetes Certified Service Provider program validates that an organization has at least three staff members who have passed the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam. The idea behind the program is to help end users identify organizations that have professional Kubernetes expertise.

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Samsung Joins EdgeX Foundry

Samsung has joined the Linux Foundation's EdgeX Foundry project as a platinum member. EdgeX Foundry is an effort to build an open interoperability framework for edge computing.

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Dell Announces REX-Ray

Dell Technologies’ {code} division announced the 0.10 release of the REX-Ray open-source container orchestration engine. Among its features is support for the new Container Storage Interface (CSI) specification.

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IBM Secures Containers on Linux Mainframes

IBM announced at the summit its updated LinuxOne Emperor II mainframe, powered by a 5.2GHz processor. IBM also announced its new LinuxOne Secure Service Containers offering that provides isolation and control for containers running on the mainframe.

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