Minimized Ribbon

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Minimized Ribbon

Ever since it was first announced, Microsoft's decision to include a user-interface "ribbon" in Windows 8 has proven somewhat controversial. Those who dislike its inclusion can take a little bit of heart, however, in how it's been minimalized.

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Lossless Picture Rotation

Microsoft's Windows team has designed Windows 8 Explorer to respect EXIF orientation information for JPEG images, meaning less time spent fixing pictures' orientation.

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File Conflicts

Windows 8 will include a new option in conflict-resolution dialogs that allows the user to filter out files that match on name, size and/or time-stamp. Windows 8 will then avoid copying or moving those files.

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In order to optimize Windows 8's functionality on tablets, hardware partners must include a performance-calibrated combination of gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer and magnetometer.

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Suspended Metro

In a bid to improve power efficiency for applications, Windows 8's Metro-style apps are suspended in the background-with minimal impact on battery performance.

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Airplane Mode

Windows 8 allows users to turn airplane mode on or off with one click.

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Users will have the ability to mark a wireless network as metered or unmetered, essential when operating a Windows 8 tablet across multiple connections.

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PC Refresh

Windows 8's granular refresh ability allows users to save certain data while reverting the PC's overall settings to default.

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Picture Passwords

Windows 8's picture password requires users to tap and swipe selected parts of an image in order to unlock the system.

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Online Credentials

Windows 8 lets its users store and manage their sign-in credentials from across various Web properties.

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