Remote Connectivity Firm LogMeIn Moves Into Cloud CRM With Bold360

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Remote Connectivity Firm LogMeIn Moves Into Cloud CRM With Bold360

LogMeIn, a company best known for providing applications that let users remotely access computers and files, is now targeting the customer relationship management market with a cloud application called Bold360. The service, which was announced June 8, is in one respect a customer-support tool, making it easier for companies to handle client requests and respond to them across text, video and email. Bold360 also includes tools that integrate customer service with business information, creating what LogMeIn says is a more “personalized” customer experience. LogMeIn says it designed the Bold360 to be easy for users to access and use. The company believes the service will deliver better customer interactions than what it calls “traditional CRM tools.” Read on to learn more about Bold360:

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Bold360 Is a Cloud-Based CRM App That Works Anywhere

LogMeIn’s Bold360 is a cloud-based solution, so users can access it anywhere. It’s available in the browser, of course, but also can be downloaded to a smartphone for use on a mobile device.

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Live Chat Helps With Customer Interaction

Live chat support is one of Bold360’s chief features, enabling companies to interact with customers over the web or mobile app. The tool also can track customer movement around the company’s website and provide the company feedback when customers have questions or navigation problems.

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E-Mail Support Is Built-In

Bold360 allows customer service agents to respond to inquiries via email. The feature allows companies to organize and assign support emails, and provides auto-responses to frequently asked questions. According to LogMeIn, 65 percent of respondents to its annual customer service survey said they’d prefer to communicate with agents through email.

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Bold360 Provides Automatic Answers to Customer Questions

In Bold360, companies can create automatic answers to support and sales calls. LogMeIn says most simple requests can be handled with the auto-answering feature, then automatically escalated to human sales or support teams for advanced queries.

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Turn On the Video

For both sales and support functions, Bold360 includes live video support. The service, which runs over the web or on mobile devices, can be used for customer chats or live demonstrations. There’s also support for one- or two-way audio and video. Best of all, customers don’t need to download anything to use live video.

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Bold360 Has Built-in Social Media Support

Bold360 includes access to social media sites, enabling customer service inquiries to be handled in one place. For example, sales staff can access Facebook Messenger from Bold360 to hold customer conversations via the chat app. The app also can be used to manage multiple Twitter company accounts, send prepared messages and refer tweets to the right employee to handle customer inquiries.

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Bold360 Creates Customer Profiles

LogMeIn believes Bold360 stands apart by delivering more actionable information to employees. To do that, it collects customer information and creates profiles that sales and support staff can use to provide better service. The information is also used for self-service tools for customers to expedite certain requests or queries.

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LogMeIn Provides Support, Too

It’s perhaps no surprise that LogMeIn’s Bold360 comes with remote support tools. Support staff have the ability to access customer computers and other devices to view and fix whatever problems customers are experiencing.

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It Plays Nicely With Other Solutions

Bold360 integrates with many other widely used applications. It works with, allowing users to send Bold360 chat transcripts to that CRM platform, and with Zendesk to manage customer service agents. GeoFluent integration enables companies to offer support in more than 40 languages. Bold360 also includes Google Analytics support to track customer site usage.

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Choose Between Bold360 Starter and Plus Options

One of the big questions LogMeIn isn’t answering is how much its service costs. According to the company, pricing will vary by the size of the deployment and how customers plan to use the service. Companies can choose between Starter or Plus options. The latter includes additional features, such as Facebook Messenger support and Zendesk integration.

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