Software Targets Health Care Insurance Agencies

New offering from Vitria Technology aims to help end users manage complex, dynamic rules specific to the health care industry.

Homing in on its business process integration strategy, Vitria Technology Inc., of Sunnyvale, Calif., will announce next month new software aimed at extending the capabilities of health care adjudication systems.

With easily modified business rules and processes to automatically repair pended claims, the Vitria:SmartClaims offering helps end users to manage complex, dynamic rules specific to the health care industry.

Basically what Vitria:SmartClaims does is enable rules to be written in a simple, intuitive business language so they can be changed and managed by non-IT professionals the likes of business analysts and front-line supervisors.

Health care insurance organizations can take up to six months to make changes to their legacy claims systems to accommodate constantly changing business rules, Vitria officials said.

With Vitria:SmartClaims inherent Business Process Management platform and Business Rules Engine capabilities, the software enables more consistent decision making, with better exception handling and quality control.

At the same time Vitria:SmartClaims fuses to legacy systems, simplifying and speeding system updates resulting from changes to government regulations and health care contracts.

The health care software is based on Vitrias BusinessWare business process engine.

(Editors note: Per Vitrias request, the ship date in this story has been changed to September.)