WordPress 4.7 Content Management System Provides New Design Options

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WordPress 4.7 Content Management System Provides New Design Options

New release of the widely-deployed open-source content management and blogging system debuts with a new theme, customization and developer options.

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WordPress 4.7 is a Sassy Release

Ever since the WordPress 1.0 'Davis' version released in January of 2004, new releases have been codenamed after Jazz musicians. The WordPress 4.7 is codenamed 'Vaughan' in honor of Jazz vocalist Sarah Sassy Vaughan.

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2017 Theme Enables Video Headers

The new 2017 WordPress theme lets users load a header video as part of a website's design. Video can be loaded by the site owner and can also be pulled in directly from YouTube.

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Improved Theme Preview Provides Site Customizations

A key new capability in WordPress 4.7 is the improved customizer inside of a theme preview. Users can now add new menu and page items from within a preview.

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CSS Customization Gets Easier

As part of the improved customization in a theme preview, WordPress 4.7 now has a Cascading Style Sheet customization option. With the CSS customizer users can now simply make changes and see how they impact the design in the site preview.

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REST API Gives Developers More Options

The new REST API for endpoints provides developers with a new way to provide external access to WordPress sites.

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Plugins Continue to Enable New Capabilities

A core strength of WordPress has always been the fact that there is a vast ecosystem of plugins that help to enable additional capabilities.

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WordPress Widgets Still Available in the Dashboard

While the improved theme customizer makes it easy for WordPress users to adjust site designs the 4.7 release still has the traditional dashboard approach as an option to help layout widget.

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Updating is Easy

For existing WordPress sites, the update process to the new 4.7 milestone is simple. The update shows up in the WordPress dashboard under the 'updates' menu item and users just need to click the button. As a major milestone update, the WordPress 4.7 release is not an automatic update. Minor WordPress updates, including security patches are automatically deployed, without the need for any button clicks.

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WordPress is Free Software

WordPress is freely available and is licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL) open-source license.

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482 Developers Contributes to WordPress 4.7

The WordPress 4.7 benefitted from the contributions of 482 developers, with 205 of them being first time WordPress contributors.

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