AMD CEO Looks Ahead - Page 2

RUIZ: You know, strangely enough, we dont have customers asking for it. Which says that they really like the money Intel is spending on it. Which is, you know, part of the game…Well were doing reasonably well in the mobile side. I expect the last six months of this year are going to be very strong for us.

eWEEK: You have Athlon 64 coming up for desktops and laptops, National Semiconductor business for thin clients and displays, and the Alchemy embedded processor for PDAs, does that sum up the mobile effort right now.

RUIZ: Yes, except we will have an Athlon 64 Mobile.

eWEEK: And that will be part of next weeks announcement?

RUIZ: Well talk about the mobile next week.

eWEEK: Bruce Claflin is new to AMDs board of directors. Have you had much interaction with him? Whats his influence been on the board so far?

RUIZ: Well, Bruce is an active CEO. Its very hard nowadays to get active CEOs on boards. So were very happy to have somebody who actually has a job. And as a result of that, I spent quite a bit of time with Bruce before he joined the board, convincing him to join the board. He already attended one board meeting, so he already has one board meeting under his belt. But, Ive got to tell you, the reason I wanted him on the board is hes very experienced. He came from an IBM/DEC environment. He faces a lot of the challenges that we do. 3Coms got to battle the giants, like Cisco and others…So I think hes going to be a great addition.

eWEEK: Did you know him from past experiences?

RUIZ: No. Jerry Sanders knew him and suggested that we consider him so I talked with him. We dialogued quite a bit, and finally we convinced him to join the board.

eWEEK: Going forward will you consult with him or will it be more in the confines of the board meetings.

RUIZ: No. Since hes very new. He just joined in the last 60 days. Hes one of those people who I plan to spend a lot of time with.

RUIZ: You asked me about any surprises and I told you a very positive one. The other one that was somewhat surprising to me on the negative side was the level of intimidation that our competitors have gone through trying to keep customers from really engaging with us.

eWEEK: This is after the launch.

RUIZ: Yes.

eWEEK: Youve been pretty open and honest about the response to your products from the competition. Hows it been since April?

RUIZ: More brutally executed. I really think this is such a great product. Its a great transition for the industry. One of the reasons we participate in conferences like this is to try and get people to vote with their feet and their money and not be intimidated.