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What the company does: a nonprofit organization focused on systems engineering, information technology, operational concepts and enterprise modernization What one employee said: "Work-life balance is very real and everyone is encouraged to take time off and keep their work hours under control."

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Agilent Technologies

What the company does: electronic test and measurement instruments manufacturer What one employee said: "They respect and value their employees and their families. The work environment is much less stressful than the competition. It's very easy to change projects and even job functions within the company."

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SAS Institute

What the company does: business analytics and business intelligence software What one employee said: "SAS offers countless benefits (not just health insurance) like aquatic center, onsite childcare, subsidized meals at the on-site cafes, gym, and list goes on and on and on."

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National Instruments

What the company does: produces automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software What one employee said: "The company supports personal initiatives and encourages people's many interests, both work- and hobby-related."

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United Space Alliance

What the company does: works with NASA and others in the space industry sector What one employee said: "The employee assistance programs are great and have activities outside working hours. Gym membership is paid for and surrounding area is nice."

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What the company does: managed hosting, cloud hosting, and email and other applications What one employee said: "Great work-life balance and good company culture. Great working environment as co-workers are treated as family and friends."

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What the company does: collaboration, endpoint management, and file and networking products What one employee said: "Novell has a great culture and facilities (on-site fitness center, cafeteria, credit union, etc.) in Provo and offers a flexible work environment."

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Slalom Consulting

What the company does: management consultant group offering business technology services What one employee said: "There is more flexibility than with many companies on dealing with life balance issues."

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Citrix Systems

What the company does: virtualization, networking, cloud and collaboration technologies What one employee said: "Very flexible work schedule. Working from home options. I work from home twice a week. If you do good work, your manager leaves you alone to do your work without micro management."

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Hitachi Data Systems

What the company does: provides data storage solutions What one employee said: "You are expected to come in, do good work, and then go home and have a life. The company really seems to care about employee health and well being. Everything from the gym, healthy food, to health check incentives."

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What the company does: creates the digital maps and map content that power navigation and location-based services solutions What one employee said: "Understanding boss, great co-workers, never a dull moment in the job, you stay active and makes the shift fly by."

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W.L. Gore

What the company does: fluoropolymer products provide innovative solutions throughout industry, in next-generation electronics, for medical products and with high-performance fabrics What one employee said: "Employees can even apply to work abroad at the many Flour offices around the world. Some other cool perks: every second Friday off, and quarterly gathering of all employees for food and drinks."

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