Why Cities Survive and Companies Die

In this news interview, Eric Lundquist, Vice President of Strategic Content for Ziff Davis Enterprise, catches up with Geoffrey West at the Business Complexity and Global Leader Conference at Suffolk University. Geoffrey West was named as TIME magazine's "100 most influential people in the world," and for good reason. West is a theoretical physicist whose primary interests have been in fundamental questions in physics, especially those concerning the elementary particles, their interactions, and cosmological implications. His work was also selected as one of the breakthrough ideas of 2007 by the Harvard Business Review. The author of several books, West also is a Distinguished Professor and Past President of the Santa Fe Institute; a visiting Professor of Mathematics at Imperial College, London; and an Associate Fellow of the Said Business School at Oxford University. In this video interview, West discusses how his work in general scaling phenomena has a relation to the business world. As he notes, cities have long lives similar to the biological world, while businesses tend to have much shorter life spans. West also gives insight and speculates on how businesses should organize themselves for longe