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The Big Five: A Safe E-biz Harbor?

Conventional wisdom has it that, as the new breed of e-business consultancies fumbles, e-business customers will turn back to the safety of big, traditional IT service providers.

New Domains: Get Ready, Get Set, Litigate!

The internet domain name chase is about to enter its next phase, when the new domain names become available.

DSL Utopia? It Feels More Like DSL Hell

Over the past four weeks, my EarthLink DSL connection has driven me to believe we are still a few years away from the DSL utopia that vendors are trying to pawn off on us now.

Online Credit Services for Creditless Users

Credit cards account for 90 percent of online payments. CheckSpace Inc. and Achex Inc. are taking aim at the other 10 percent with new tools that make it easier for consumers to pay online without using a credit card.

DSL upstarts fight Bells ambitions

The future has never looked brighter for dsl -or dimmer for the local exchange upstarts that have championed the broadband service for the past year.

OmniSky puts Web at your fingertips

Internet service, Minstrel S modem give wireless access-if you have the latest Handspring Visor.

Smaller sites can share links

As high-bandwidth Internet connections proliferate, sites of all sizes are sharing cable-modem and DSL links.

The Buzz: December 4, 2000

The information technology savvy that Jeffrey Immelt showed as head of General Electric's Medical Systems division may have helped him win the job as replacement for GE's starlike CEO, Jack Welch.

ASP Incubator Takes First Steps

ASPn teams up with app integrator IBSS; sets January launch.

We Had Our Chance

At the risk of putting our tongue in cheek with sufficient force to dimple a chad, we hereby apologize for plunging the nation into turmoil.
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