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Jeffrey Burt has been with eWEEK since 2000, covering an array of areas that includes servers, networking, PCs, processors, converged infrastructure, unified communications and the Internet of things.

Dell EMC Adds Epyc-Based Servers to Portfolio

Dell EMC is turning to Advanced Micro Devices and its Epyc processors to power three new servers that company officials are targeting at the network edge and at high-performance...

10 Key Benefits of Passive Optical LANs for Enterprise Connectivity

10 Key Benefits of Passive Optical LANs for Enterprise Connectivity The ongoing digital transformation within enterprises is putting increasing pressure on IT executives to get more performance and bandwidth; greater...

U.S., China Engaged in High-Stakes Exacale Computing Competition

The scientific and tech communities for many years have been talking about the much-anticipated evolution to exascale computing. Now governments and vendors have spent billions of dollars developing hardware...

Riverbed Acquires Xirrus to Extend SD-WAN Technology Portfolio

Riverbed Technology officials over the past couple of years have tried to differentiate the company in the highly competitive and fast-growing software-defined WAN market by expanding its reach in...

Oracle, Fujitsu Roll Out Pair of High-End SPARC Servers

Oracle and Fujitsu are unveiling a new family of high-end enterprise servers under the Fujitsu brand and powered by the latest version of the Japanese tech vendor's SPARC64 processors.Officials...

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