10 Features We Want to See in Apple Watch Series 3

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10 Features We Want to See in Apple Watch Series 3

Amid all the recent talk of iPhones and iPads, the Apple Watch is in focus following reports that Apple has acquired a small sleep-tracking startup called Beddit. The acquisition, which was not announced by either company, is rumored to be part of a broader effort by Apple to boost the functionality and features in the next generation of the Apple Watch, believed to be known as Apple Watch Series 3. The report also follows a string of rumors that suggest this year's Apple Watch update will be a small but worthwhile upgrade over last year's model. This slide show will discuss those rumors and outline the features Apple Watch Series 3 should include to be successful.

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A Slimmer Design

Reports have been swirling for months that Apple is planning a thinner design for the Apple Watch Series 3. A thinner Apple Watch would make it more appealing to the eye and easier to wear. It also would make Apple Watch's appearance closer to that of a real watch and not a bulky smartwatch.

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Improved Fitness Tracking

Apple did a nice job in the Apple Watch Series 2 of making the device more athlete-friendly. Now Apple needs to work on improving its GPS support, boost the number of trackers and sensors, and provide other features that make it a must-have. More sports tech is critical.

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Boost App Support

Although there are a number of third-party app developers supporting the Apple Watch, there needs to be more. Spotify, for one, doesn't have an official app for the smartwatch, even though it would seem like an ideal fit. Apple needs to attract new third-party developers and improve app support.

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A Sleeping Improvement

Apple's acquisition of Beddit is a positive step for the company. Beddit makes one of the better sleep-tracking and analysis apps on the market, and bundling it in WatchOS 3 would give Apple an advantage. Sleeping is one area in which the Apple Watch can differentiate from its competitors.

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Far Better Performance

Rumors say Apple is planning a new processor for Apple Watch Series 3. The chip likely will be far more powerful than what's in the second-generation smartwatch, and it also might be more energy-efficient. Regardless, better performance is a necessity in Apple Watch Series 3.

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LTE Compatibility Seems to Make Sense

One of the Apple Watch's big drawbacks is that it still relies heavily on the iPhone. Apple can address that with an LTE version that allows the smartwatch to function like a smartphone on its own. It would make the Apple Watch far more appealing and could attract the many Android owners who view its iPhone requirement as a bother.

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A Better, Brighter Screen, Please

The Apple Watch's screen is a critical component. But it's less than perfect when compared to some competing Android Wear devices. Apple should consider improving Apple Watch Series 3's screen with a high-end OLED. A better, brighter screen would help improve the smartwatch's appeal.

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Remember Battery Life, Apple

Each new Apple Watch iteration needs to have improved battery life. And Apple Watch Series 3 can't be any different. Apple should deliver a smartwatch that comes with a bigger and more reliable battery that also benefits from a more efficient processor and screen.

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Functional Watchbands Would Be Nice

Apple recently filed for patents for watchbands that include features that could be used with a smartwatch. For instance, the bands could come with cameras, touch screens or other features. That might not be for a couple of years yet, but will be a good addition when it is available.

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Keep Pricing in Check

To its credit, Apple last year reduced pricing significantly on Apple Watch Edition and offered more models to make its smartwatch more affordable. Apple should not increase its Series 3 pricing, but keep its prices static or, in some cases, even reduce them.

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