10 Reasons the Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Be a Hot-Selling Smartphone

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10 Reasons the Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Be a Hot-Selling Smartphone

Samsung will hold a special media event on March 29 in New York City to introduce the Galaxy S8 smartphone. This handset will lead Samsung’s smartphone division through 2017 and could help the company restore some of its lost earnings and profits due to the recall of Galaxy Note7 devices. Although Samsung hasn’t confirmed the details about the Galaxy S8's features, according to market chatter, this latest device will have more processing power and advanced features. There's talk the S8 will include a voice-activated virtual personal assistant named Bixby to take on Siri on Apple iPhones and Cortana on Windows. There’s a chance that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will deliver a large screen and a much different home button location and operation. There's also talk that Samsung has taken the time to do extra testing to make sure the battery defects in the Galaxy Note7 handset don't crop up in the S8.

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It will Be Samsung's Most Advanced Model to Date

Samsung Galaxy smartphones have always sold well and the S8 will have the latest features including a large screen and the most advanced mobile chipset.

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Galaxy S8 Will Be the First Handset With Snapdragon 835 Chip

The Galaxy S8 will be the most powerful smartphone when it’s released. It will be the first device to run on Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 835 processor, and is expected to have up to 8GB of onboard RAM and stellar graphics performance.

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The S8 Will Have a Curved Screen

Samsung is planning major design improvement including a curved screen in both the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus. The device also will come with exceedingly thin bezels and will apparently eliminate the physical home button.

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There's Talk of New Virtual Assistant - Bixby

The Galaxy S8 reportedly will be the first smartphone to offer Bixby, Samsung’s new virtual personal assistant which can be activated by pressing a button on the right side of the device. Expectations are high for Bixby, and if it can deliver, it could be a winner.

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Galaxy S8 Plus Will Have 6.2-Inch Screen

The Galaxy S8 will ship with big screen sizes, thanks to curved displays. The smaller reportedly will have a 5.8-inch screen, 0.3 inches bigger than the iPhone 7 Plus, while the Galaxy S8 Plus will have a screen size of 6.2 inches. That additional screen real estate could mean the devices will support Samsung’s S Pen stylus.

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Expect a Reliable Battery

The Galaxy S8 will be the first Samsung smartphone offered under the company’s new battery testing regime. It will be put through the paces inside Samsung, tested (and retested) to ensure it's reliable. If Samsung’s policies work, the Galaxy S8 could offer the safest battery the company has ever bundled in a device.

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Look for New Security Features

The Galaxy S8 will come with a fingerprint sensor, of course, as well as other biometric features to enhance its security. The device reportedly will come with an iris scanner to authenticate users, and Samsung is believed to be preparing a facial-recognition feature.

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There's Improved Water, Dust Resistance

Samsung is thinking seriously about the ways people use their smartphones and how those devices can be damaged. The company reportedly has improved the Galaxy S8's water and dust resistance to bolster reliability.

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The Competition Is Light

When it comes to new top-flight smartphones, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will have the market pretty much to itself for much of the year. Its closest competitor, the LG G6, has some high-quality features but not the power Samsung’s handset will offer. Although a new iPhone model is due to appear later this year, we don't know few details about its features.

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The Price Will Make Sense

The Galaxy S8 won’t be cheap. In fact, some reports suggest that the smartphone could go for $800 or more. But that might not be a problem for many customers considering its new processor and design.

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