10 Reasons Why HP's EliteBook 800 G5 Will Appeal to Enterprise Users

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10 Reasons Why HP's EliteBook 800 G5 Will Appeal to Enterprise Users

HP is looking to build off last year’s success in the PC market with a new line of computers designed for corporate users. On Feb. 7, the world’s largest PC maker unveiled all-new EliteBook notebooks for enterprise customers who want high-end power, similarly powerful security and a range of screen sizes from which to choose. Although the EliteBooks are more expensive than simpler machines, HP argues they’ll deliver the experience that corporate customers need on a daily basis. This eWEEK slide show looks at the new HP EliteBook 800 G5 series and its many features—including quick-access voice calls, fast charging and its ruggedness—that could attract users this year.

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EliteBook 800 Boasts a High-End Design Concept

HP didn’t skimp on the design of its EliteBook 800 series. The computers are all made from aluminum and come with thin bezels around the screen. They’re also thin, with a thickness of between 0.7 inches and 0.72 inches. There’s a full-sized keyboard and a sizable area for the trackpad. You can even control your cursor with a small nub that sits in the middle of the keyboard.

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HP Targets Road Warriors

The HP EliteBook 800 was built for mobile users who need computers that can withstand the challenges of traveling. The devices are made from high-end aluminum and have been reinforced to satisfy the MIL-STD 810G standard for ruggedness. Add that to a weight that ranges between 3 pounds and 4 pounds depending on the model, and the EliteBook 800 is ready for the road.

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Plenty of Security Is Packed In

HP has bundled several security features into the EliteBook 800 series. The devices are reinforced with BIOS hardening and will automatically “heal” operating system processes, even if malware runs amok. The computers are equipped with HP Sure View Gen 2 for protection against visual hacking and come with hardware-based security for web browsers. There’s even a privacy tool that can cover the front-facing camera shutter when you’re not using it.

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Interesting Features Enhance Audio, Calls

The HP EliteBook 800 ships with what the company calls the Premium Collaboration Keyboard. In addition to it being full sized, the keyboard has additional buttons at the top that allow users to quickly launch and manage calls with colleagues. The computer is also outfitted with 360-degree voice pickup and noise-canceling and “loud, top-firing speakers.”

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Windows 10 Pro Is Inside

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Pro is running inside the HP EliteBook 800 series. HP has said that all of the standard Windows features will be available in the device, as well as some security tools like Windows Hello. In addition, HP has said that some of its software-based security will be there. Exactly how much HP bloatware will be there, though, remains to be seen.

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Intel's 8th Generation Core Processor Powers the PC

If customers are looking for power inside the EliteBook 800, they will find it. The EliteBook 800 ships with Intel’s Core processors and can be configured at the top end of the market with the company’s eighth-generation quad-core chip. HP didn’t say, however, how fast that processor’s clock speed is.

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What to Expect From Graphics Performance

The EliteBook 800 should perform relatively well on graphics, as well. According to HP, the EliteBook 800 will be offered with an optional AMD Radeon RX450 discrete graphics card. It’s worth noting, however, that it’ll only be available in the EliteBook 450 and EliteBook 850 models.

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Look for Fast Charging

HP’s EliteBook 800 line will come with a fast-charging battery, the company has confirmed. HP said that the battery will be capable of recharging up to 50 percent of its battery life in just 30 minutes of charging. The EliteBooks will deliver up to 14 hours of battery life on a single charge.

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EliteBook 800 Comes in Three Models

The EliteBook line is available in three models: the HP EliteBook 830, the EliteBook 840 and the EliteBook 850. The EliteBook 830 will come with a 13.3-inch screen, while the EliteBook 840 will offer a 14-inch display. The HP EliteBook 850 will deliver a screen size of 15.6 inches. The EliteBook 830 weighs 2.94 pounds, making it lighter than the 3.27-pound EliteBook 840 and the 3.94-pound EliteBook 840. The EliteBook 850 is also slightly thicker at 0.72 inches.

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Pricing and Availability

HP’s EliteBook 800 models will begin hitting store shelves this month, although HP didn’t provide an exact date. The EliteBook 830 G5 will come with a starting price of $1,049, making it slightly more expensive than the $1,029 the EliteBook 840 G5 will start at. The EliteBook 850 G5 will come with a starting price of $1,039.

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