Apple Revamps Apple Music, Adds Intelligent Search to Apple Photos - Page 2

Another analyst, Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy, said he likes the improvements Apple is making with Apple Music, which he thinks addresses the shortcomings that some users have expressed about the service since it was launched.

"The thing about Apple Music is that it's all about the interface," said Moorhead. "The biggest challenge for Apple Music has been about the simplicity of the interface. They got too cute [initially]. This revamp, and it literally is a complete facelift, is designed to fix that."

Moorhead said that he was impressed that Apple was able to log 15 million subscribers in the first year despite its oft-criticized interface.

"People openly complained" about the user experience, giving the first version of Apple Music "the reputation of being the second coming of Apple Maps," which was panned heavily by users after it initially replaced Google Maps in iOS 6 back in September 2012. The first Apple Maps efforts routed users to incorrect locations, displayed bridges that didn't exist and caused other related havoc, causing the company to apologize for the problems.

Some users have even recently complained that their music collections had been deleted by Apple Music without their consent, leading to a bad user experience for some users, said Moorhead.

But with the upcoming changes to Photos, Apple has "finally nailed it," said Moorhead. In the recent past, the interactive features available to users from Google Photos and Microsoft's photos apps "were head and shoulders above Apple," he said.

The updates announced at WWDC 2016 "went a long way to help shore all that up," he said. The ability to use search to find images based on their contents is very useful, said Moorhead. "I think it's an excellent feature, because if you look at the amount of photos people have … the ability to find things is nearly impossible at this point. This gives people the ability to find what they are looking for."