Best Parking (Free)

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Best Parking (Free)

This app covers the cheapest and most convenient parking garages and lots in 43 cities and 79 airports.

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Recargo (Free)

For the eco-friendly road warrior (Mad Max would never understand), this app offers information on electric vehicle (EV) recharging stations.

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Falcon (Free)

Ever gotten lost in a convention hall? Don't lie; just say yes. Falcon works like a compass, with your destination as the North Star. Perfect for finding your way in parking lots, on college campuses and, yes, at conventions.

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Smart Ride (Free)

This incredible app gives you real-time arrivals and alerts for transit agencies across North America, including the L.A. Metro and Muni in San Francisco.

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AutoMilez ($0.99)

Never miss a reimbursed mile again with an app that tracks your mileage using the iPhone's GPS capability.

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City Transit ($2.99)

The MTA comes through with an official app for the New York City subway, complete with GPS-enabled mapping to help you find the nearest G-train. (Ha! Like it's coming or anything.)

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RoadAhead Highway Exit Finder (Free)

Sick of missing the exit with the McDonald's? Join the club and alleviate your "Ausgang" affliction with this app, which finds the best exit for all your service needs.

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AirportAce ($2.99)

OK, so you're going to Gate 13 at Terminal A, or was it Terminal 13, Gate A? Terminal maps, WiFi availability and transportation info is what you need.

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Intl Meeting Planner ($2.99)

Did you just accidentally ring your Beijing office manager eight hours ahead-or worse-behind schedule? Plug in your globe-spanning meetings into this app to stay current.

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MotionX GPS Drive ($0.99)

No nonsense name, no nonsense app-it's the hands-down favorite navigation app for road warriors. Mad Max would approve.

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