CrowdFlik Ushers In the 'Gamification of Video'

1 - CrowdFlik Ushers In the 'Gamification of Video'
2 - Introducing CrowdFlik
3 - Follow Users and Trends
4 - Your CrowdFlik Account
5 - Check Into an Event, or Create One
6 - Sign In, Hit Record
7 - Record, Edit, Share
8 - Seriously Simple Editing
9 - CrowdFlik CEO Chris Hamer
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CrowdFlik Ushers In the 'Gamification of Video'

by Michelle Maisto

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Introducing CrowdFlik

CrowdFlick, a new app for the iPhone arriving just as Instagram has added video capabilities, was designed for a generation of users that views life events through a smartphone screen.

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Follow Users and Trends

Users can sign in to CrowdFlik to see what videos and events are popular. At an event, they might sign in, as they would to FourSquare, to receive a coupon or freebie. The possibilities are wide open at this point.

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Your CrowdFlik Account

From a user's account, he can see his own videos, as well as who is following him and who he's following—Twitter style.

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Check Into an Event, or Create One

Using GPS, the app will find and list nearby events. Users can also search for events, or make their own. An event could be something large and sponsored—a concert—or something as personal as a child's birthday party.

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Sign In, Hit Record

CrowdFlik works like this: Instead of just activating your phone's camera, you click on the app, choose an event and then hit the record button—which, not accidentally, looks a lot like the iPhone's record button. Videos are saved to a user's phone but also to CrowdFlik's cloud.

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Record, Edit, Share

Users record video, CrowdFlik synchronizes it and slices it into 10-second portions, and then it's presented all together for users to pick and choose from. Time is on the X-axis, users are on the Y-axis. The more your clips are chosen, the closer to the top your footage rises.

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Seriously Simple Editing

This office ping-pong game likely had just a handful of CrowdFlik participants, but the premise is the same. The selected clips are highlighted in green. They're also simple to email or to share on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and elsewhere.

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CrowdFlik CEO Chris Hamer

Hamer says CrowdFlik represents the "gamification of video." He adds that people tend to be either viewers, capturers or creators. "With CrowdFlik, you can fit in any or all three of those categories." An Android version of the app is coming soon, and a version for the iPad will follow.

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