Features to Look for in Lenovo’s Rumored Moto X4 Midrange Smartphone

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Features to Look for in Lenovo’s Rumored Moto X4 Midrange Smartphone

Years ago the Motorola X line was among the top smartphone models on the market. However, the X models have been supplanted by the Moto Z as the high-end option in Lenovo's smartphone product line. While some industry watchers have questioned whether Moto X has a future in Lenovo’s mobile device plans, recent rumors indicate that a new model called the Moto X4 is in the works. If Lenovo actually releases it later this year, the rumors are it could offer midrange features at a price that's attractive enough to draw budget-conscious buyers. Better yet, the smartphone could come with some higher-end features that will make it even more interesting. Read on to find out what Lenovo might offer in the rumored Moto X4.

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Don't Look for Advanced Smartphone Design

Lenovo won’t deliver a new smartphone design concept in the Moto X4. Recent renderings of the device that have been leaked online suggest it will have a traditional smartphone design featuring a flat screen and physical home button on its face. It will be made of aluminum, similar to many current midrange smartphones.

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It will Have Midrange Performance, Too

The Moto X4 will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 630, which isn’t very powerful but can handle standard apps with ease. The processor will sit alongside modules and wireless chips that are similarly on the cheaper side, according to reports.

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Screen Size Will Put It in the Middle of the Pack

The Moto X4 will come with a 5.2-inch full-HD screen, according to several reports. That would put the smartphone, again, in the middle of the pack. While some of its midrange competitors have offered quad-HD screen resolutions, the Moto X4’s full-HD screen should suffice for most users.

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Lenovo Will Opt for Android Nougat

According to some reports, the Moto X4 will launch after Google releases Android O, the company’s next mobile operating system version. That said, Lenovo reportedly is including Android Nougat in the handset. Those who want the newer operating system will be out of luck.

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This Midrange Camera Will Have a Dual-Camera Surprise

Not many midrange smartphones come with two rear-facing cameras, but the Moto X4 will be one of them. Several recent rumors suggest the Moto X4 will have one 12-megapixel shooter and an 8-megapixel sensor on the back. The front-facing camera might be the best of the bunch, offering 16-megapixel performance.

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It Will Be Shock, Dust Resistant

The Moto X4’s aluminum chassis should protect it from accidental spills at short distances. Lenovo reportedly is also reinforcing the handset with an IP68 rating, which means it should still work even if dust, residue or water gets in through its cracks. That rating also would (hopefully) guarantee no water damage if the handset is submerged in more than 4 feet of water for 30 minutes.

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It Will Have a Long-Lasting Battery

Lenovo won’t skimp on the Moto X4’s battery. The company is expected to include a 3,000mAh battery, which would match the performance of some higher-end smartphones and likely facilitate all-day battery life. It could be one of the Moto X4’s top features.

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Will It Be Project Fi Compatible?

Nagging rumors suggest the Moto X4 will be the next smartphone to work on Google’s Project Fi network. If so, users could sign up for a Project Fi account and get optimized network connectivity regardless of where they are. A Project Fi plan also ensures customers are charged only for the data they use, potentially helping them to save on traditional carrier plans.

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Some Storage and Memory Concerns

Since this is a midrange smartphone, it shouldn’t be surprising that Lenovo isn’t planning big memory and storage capacities in the Moto X4. According to the latest rumors, the Moto X4 will come with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. That's not as much memory and storage as some buyers might prefer, but it's not too stingy.

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It's Priced to Win Holiday Season Sales

Lenovo reportedly is planning to release the Moto X4 in the fourth quarter of the year, in time for the holiday shopping season. The company hasn’t announced pricing, but comparably equipped Moto devices cost about $250. Most reports say the Moto X4 will cost somewhere between $250 and $350.

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