Features to Look for in Samsung’s Galaxy X Big Screen Smartphone

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Features to Look for in Samsung’s Galaxy X Big Screen Smartphone

Samsung has been working on a foldable smartphone for the past several years, giving rise to plenty of speculation about when it might eventually hit the market. There had been some hope that Samsung would release the device in 2017, but late last year, a company executive said that it would materialize in 2018. During a recent earnings call, Samsung executives confirmed that it’s working on the device, which is believed to be known as the Galaxy X, and would launch it 2018. Although details haven’t been confirmed, several reports have said that Samsung’s Galaxy X could have a big screen, high-end power, and come with custom software to take full advantage of its design. This slide show will discuss the various reports and rumors regarding the Galaxy X and it features.

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Will It have a Folding or Expanding Screen?

It’s not immediately clear exactly what kind of screen Samsung’s Galaxy X might come with. Some reports have said that the display would be foldable with a hinge that would let users fold one side over the other like old flip phones. Others, however, have said that the handset would have a rolling function that would enable the screen to expand from around 5 or 6 inches to up to 8 inches. Samsung so far hasn’t confirmed its design plans.

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It Could Have One or Two Displays

Samsung could be planning two screens in the device, according to reports. One report showed a speculative device design that would have two screens with one folding over the other. Still more reports suggest the Galaxy X would have a dual-sided device with screens on either side. The latest reports, however, say Samsung will stick with one screen.

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Will the Design Be Thick or Thin?

The big question surrounding the Galaxy X centers on Samsung’s design philosophy. Several rumors have suggested that Samsung will deliver an exceedingly thin OLED display that will eschew all physical buttons in favor of software-based controls. Others have said that the device could be rather bulky due to the foldable or rollable screen design. Either way, look for the handset to have a decidedly different design than those currently on the market.

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It Will Run on Android Oreo

All signs are pointing to the Galaxy X running on Google’s Android Oreo. That’s the latest Android operating system available now and as long as Samsung sticks to a 2018 release schedule, it will be the most desirable operating system choice.

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New User Interface to Adapt to Flexible Display

Samsung is rumored to be planning an entirely new user interface running on top of Android Oreo that takes full advantage of the Galaxy X’s design. Those features could include revamped apps that will be capable of adapting to the flexible screen. If Samsung delivers a dual-sided screen, some patents from the company have shown apps that display the program on one side and menus and other relevant information about on the back. Ultimately, Samsung will need to create new software experiences to take full advantage of the Galaxy X’s screen design

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Expect to Find the Snapdragon 845

According to several reports, Samsung has already decided to bundle the Snapdragon 845 in the Galaxy X. The feature will ensure that the handset comes with the requisite power to handle those new software experiences and will also help Samsung make a better value argument for a device that will likely be quite expensive at launch.

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Some Camera Options

Samsung isn’t expected to make too many modifications to its camera design in the Galaxy X. Instead, the company will likely offer a standard front-facing camera for selfie shots and a dual-lens rear-facing camera for those who want to take higher-quality pictures. Like the Snapdragon 845, the dual-lens camera—a feature typically reserved for higher-end smartphones—could be used to help Samsung justify a premium price for the Galaxy X.

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Putting the Best Face on Biometrics

Biometrics security has proven a vexing problem for Samsung. While Apple currently offers a 3D face scanner in its Face ID security feature on the iPhone X, Samsung only offers 2D face scanning. Several reports have said Samsung won’t be able to bring 3D scanning to its high-end smartphones such as the Galaxy Note 8, until later this year. Depending on when the Galaxy X is released, it could come with the standard 2D scanner or the 3D scanner.

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Samsung Is All About Fast Charging

There hasn’t been a new, high-end Samsung handset released in years that hasn’t come with fast charging. So, it’s practically guaranteed that Samsung will deliver the feature in the Galaxy X. Exactly how big of a battery pack the smartphone might come with, though, is unknown.

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Galaxy X Price Will Hit at Least $1,000

Samsung’s Galaxy X will hit store shelves this year. But at least so far, Samsung hasn’t said when the device will be available. On the price side, Samsung’s Galaxy X won’t be cheap. With a foldable screen that runs on OLED technology, a fast processor, and top-notch camera, the Galaxy X could cost as much as $1,000 or more, according to several reports that cited Samsung sources.

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